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How to explain to mom she is becoming insulin resistant?

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  • How to explain to mom she is becoming insulin resistant?

    Over the past few years, my mom has had a blood sugar issue where she gets weak and dizzy, which gets rectified once she eats a piece of candy. This is definitely a sign of insulin resistance, especially since she said that our family has had a history of diabetes and blood sugar issues.

    Currently she eats a lot of carbohydrates in Chinatown bakery goods and rice with vegetables, with minimal meat (maybe 6oz a day maximum) for lunch, and then has fruit for dinner. Her breakfast is usually a piece of bread with milk, or sometimes nothing. How do I tell her in layman's terms what she should do to rectify this situation? I am terrible at explaining things in general...
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    I think Dr. Cate is pretty good at scaring the hell out of people on sugar and at doing it in language that's easy to grasp. I'd print off this page, give it to her and ask her to read it:

    This may be a terrible idea -- I don't know; just throwing it out there -- I wonder if it would be worth getting hold of a portable glucometer and giving it to her? If you do decide to do what I just suggested, you've just given here something that says:

    People with insulin resistance have slightly elevated fasting blood sugar levels. (90 mg/dl or higher)
    That immediately raises the question: "What are yours?" If someone gets to see those numbers, fasting, and after eating this and that they're getting to see what a parameter they've probably never thought about before in their life is doing.



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      Has she had any bloodwork sone recently? if not, maybe you could say that you're concerned about her, and suggest getting some tests to see what's happening with her blood sugar. Sometimes people get used to feeling crappy, they don't even realize that something isn't right. But screwy numbers on a blood test are more difficult to justify, and maybe once she sees that her counts are out of range or problematic, she'll decide to make some changes.

      You could plant a seed by telling her that you've got some suggestions to help her get back on track, then when/if she's ready, she knows she can come to you.

      First step is admitting you have a problem. AA is totally right about that!


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        She could try Maffetone's Two Week test.
        Phil Maffetone, - 2 Week Test

        Your mother might not even have insulin resistance. She could have more serious problems, including diabetes.
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