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  • Question about THC

    Not a heavy smoker, but I like to smoke a joint now and then (especially at concerts).

    My question is about how THC is stored in fat cells. If you're a fat burning machine, instead of a sugar burner, does that mean THC leaves your system faster? Does ketosis have something to do with it? I'm still pretty new to this stuff (I've been ten months on and off primal [but last three weeks have been full-blown and I've never felt better]).

    Any info you can send my way is much appreciated! I might have to do a drug test for a job so... uh...

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    Maybe you'll get a start reading that study.

    Beyond ketosis how fast it gets out of your system depends on how much you smoke and how lean you are, for passing tests the leaner the better, the less often you smoke the safest -though this is really a superficial approach.

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    • #3 course no sauna ever helped nobody, but fat works more or less like that as far as thc goes and the paragraph is short enough.

      How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System

      Sorry I don't know how to link from university archives probably I'm not allowed to do that.

      If you read through the moral/pseudo stuff you'll get some facts straight. I'll see if there's a way to get my permission worked out so I can link more serious stuff.
      No limits, only my will and the worlds I build.