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Coconut oil =fat-melter, meat satiation, and other fails...

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    Originally posted by zoebird View Post
    my primary use of coconut oil is oil pulling. I can't stand to eat the stuff. I can hardly stand to oil pull with the stuff (i could use sesame, but then i'm buying yet another oil; might as well use what is handy). I also use coconut oil on my skin, it's nice there too.
    How long have you been oil-pulling? I tried it with coconut oil a few times, didn't notice anything. I'm thinking of trying it again and giving it a fair chance, but not sure how long that should be - a few weeks?


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      For me its all about net calories, eating clean and keeping carbs under 100 gms per day. My fat macro ratio varies between 45 and 60% of my daily calories. I calculate my Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), multiply it by 1.2 and that equals my daily net calorie requirement to maintain weight. I then use MyPlate at to track exercise calories burned and calculate net daily calories. I keep daily net calories 500 below my requirement and I loose 1 to 2 lbs per week on average. I also intermittent fast 4 days a week and follow an 80/10/10 weekly exercise routine (80% of my weekly exercise is low heart rate cardio, 10% is intervals or hill repeats and 10% is High Intensity Strength training.) I'm a 5'11" male, 60 years old, started on March 4th of this year weighing 213lbs. Currently 165 lbs.
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        So interesting to hear the differences with everyone. I would really love to learn the intensely in-depth "why" of it all. I do best with seafood and dairy, moderate to low meat, vegETABLES (), and maybe some eggs. Can't stand fruit, gives me a sugar rush. Never have even really been able to eat a full banana by itself, yet I could eat a pound of meat at once if I wanted! I actually do better with grains than with fruit. My body loves fat--when I was a kid it was all about avocados and sticks of butter. High fat, maybe moderate protein and somewhat low carb. This is the only way of eating that keeps me thin while being able to eat a lot of food! It's also interesting that I'm reading more and more accounts from women here on MDA saying that high-fat isn't working for them, and that they need more carbs.
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