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    Originally posted by jojohaligo View Post
    So the cycling is a good way to begin again I think.

    My boyfriend was a varsity athlete in high school, but nearly 10 years later he doesn't have that "swimmer's physique" that he once had. He'd never go running with me or get a gym membership with me. Getting him to even do push-ups is a challenge! But, one day he borrowed my bike and rode it for over an hour. Then we bought him one of his own, and now he wants to go riding all the time. It's contagious and addicting!

    Bikes rock.
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      Today's ride consisted of going mostly downhill to the marina, and then back uphill to get home. An elevation change of 114 feet.
      Now I am celebrating with some bacon and cherries!

      Edit: Oops I calculated wrong. I changed the elevation from 196 to 114.
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        I just checked my tracker (MapMyRide app) on a whim yesterday and my year-to-date distance on my bike just passed 1,500 miles! Such good exercise AND fun.
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          Got my new bike today! Can't wait for the time and weather to take this for a proper spin!


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            The phrase "new bicycle" makes me smile. I love bicycles and I'm stoked for you guys.