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Did your mother used to hide sweets from you?

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    Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
    Oh ha ha does this topic bring back the memories!

    - Mom took our Halloween candy and pilfered all the snickers for herself. Then we kids ate all of the rest within two days. My dad said it would be better for our teeth to get it over with so he encouraged it.

    - Mom bought these awful lemon cookies because we didn't like them. But we ate them anyway.

    - Mom wouldn't let us have candy or sweets or she'd limit cookies to only two (Halloween and Christmas were an exception). My sister and I would raid the cupboard and eat powdered sugar with a spoon.

    - Mom wouldn't put sweets in our lunches. Milk at school cost 7 cents and ice cream cost 10 cents so I would save my milk money and buy ice cream every other day. Eventually there was enough left over to go to 7-11 and get a candy bar. Those were only 5 cents back then.

    - I spent all my allowance on candy at 7-11. I bought the biggest candy bar they had--the Charleston Chew.

    - I stole candy from those little bulk bins when my mom brought us grocery shopping. I'd hide a pilfered caramel in my hand until I got home and then I'd eat it in the back yard.

    - I stole candy as a teenager. Just opened the fun-sized bags in the store and took a few.

    Ah yeah, I was a huge sugar addict that's for sure. If my mom hid sweets from me, I never found them. It's a wonder I didn't end up way fatter than I did.
    HAHAHAHA...that made me laugh!
    You were a BAD girl =P