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Why Raw Milk?

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  • Why Raw Milk?

    Mark McAfee talks to Lew about milk the government doesn’t want you to drink.

    298. Why Raw Milk?

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    "The government" is a very nebulous term. The government of California has no problem with raw milk as is the case in many states.


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      This is interesting reading: CDC admits not a single person has died from consuming raw milk products in 11 years

      Part of the article:

      The CDC's continual avoidance of talking about the much worse dangers associated with pasteurized milk further illustrates its raw milk bias. In 2006 alone, there were at least 1,300 people who got sick from pasteurized milk just in California -- and yet the CDC only talks about the roughly 39 reported illnesses every year in the Golden State that are alleged, but not necessarily proven to be, linked to raw milk.
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        Give this site a read through - A CAMPAIGN FOR REAL (RAW) MILK!

        Cooked milk comes from dairies that have to cook their milk due to terrible practices in commercial dairies. Raw milk dairies have to be much more meticulous in animal care and milk processing, let alone the nutritional benefits of consuming a living food.
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