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    Originally posted by UniqueTII View Post
    One that got me was someone at work asking about my weight loss, followed by me giving him a 5 minute primer on Paleo, followed by him asking "So what do you eat, just bread?" Yes, non-refined, non-processed, non-manufactured bread. I buy it from some unicorns.
    I was discussing my new strict regimen (anti-candida plan, basically nothing but meat & nonstarchy veggies) with a very overweight relative, and explaining how bad grains are for health. Then she brings up how her husband (a longtime diabetic) likes to buy huge containers of pretzel rods & eat them with each meal, and I winced & commented on how poor a choice that is for a diabetic. Her response: "Because of the salt?" :P

    Another relative was recently hospitalized with complications due to diabetes. While in the hospital, they forced her to have only "diabetes-approved" foods -- that is, very little meat, but as much cereal & bread as she wanted. She reported to me that her blood sugar levels were in the 600-700 mg/dL range during her hospital stay, while when she returned home & started being able to eat semi-primally again (I've been giving her info & she's been slowly incorporating some of the ideas into her lifestyle), her glucose levels returned into the 60s...


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      Reading all these stories makes me laugh initially - But after that i get angry. How is the world filled with IMBECILES 'teaching' us health. Dieticians classifying bread as 'unprocessed', hospitals trying to nuke the bloodstream of their patients with glucose, yet more doctors claiming that unprocessed food is a 'fad'. WTF ARE YOU DEMENTED!?!? How can pre-industrial food be a FAD!? How did the f***ing idiot ever pass medschool!?
      If i ever encounter people this dum, i fear that i shall degenerate into a verbal ocean of unpleasantry that shall not seize untill security carries me out ...
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        IronFireling - Why do you keep taking your son to that program? Stop going and keep Groking!
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