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    Anyone else pregnant right now and want to share how it's going?

    I'm in my 1st trimester and dealing with strong food aversions and cravings. I want grilled cheese like nobody's business.

    I've scouted gluten free breads at Whole Foods but the premade ones have other yucky ingredients like canola oil.

    I'm trying to keep a good amount of protein but definitely struggling to eat what I was before.

    How did you deal with cravings / aversions? I'm not low-carb by any means but even trying to find decent gluten-free items to meet my needs is almost impossible.

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    I'm currently 21 1/2 weeks!!! I was doing so well to be primal at first. I didn't have morning sickness except 3-4 times, but I was constantly nauseas, it was terrible. Now I just feel carsick occasionally. I'm due Dec 29th.

    Food I enjoyed in the first trimester, I can't stand in the second. Curry, sushi, totally off the menu. Now all I crave is freaking pizza and ice cream. I have plain vanilla ice cream a few times a week, and I make little mini pizzas for lunch sometimes. Honestly, you just have to give in occasionally! Make sure you're getting tons of nutrient dense veggies and I would recommend carbs around 150g a day average. Try to put them all together if you are having trouble.. such as soup, or stir fry's.

    Drink plenty of water too.

    Oh and I know every woman is different, but I started out at 165 pounds, and today I finally progressed a little to 170 pounds. My Dr. has been nagging at me to gain more weight, but the baby is fine and on track so I'm not going to listen to him. Although I haven't physically gained much in pounds, I LOOK like I gained about 40. My legs and ass are SO much bigger. I know its all for the baby, so I try not to complain too much.

    and PLEASE let me know if you have any questions or anything! I love talking about babies and stuff, this is my first pregnancy.
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      Oh and CONGRATS!!!!!
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        I'm 38 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. I have found each pregnancy had it's own set of aversions and cravings. My last one I went off meat! This one has been much easier as food goes. I would just do your best, maybe find a coconut flour bread recipe or be darned and eat real bread and don't sweat it. Once you have indulged the craving it will probably go away. Mine do.

        The only other advice I have is to eating bananas regularly helps keep the leg cramps away and keep dinner low carb to avoid heartburn at night. Smoothies are great and you can make mini freezer bags of frozen fruit etc so you can just dump one in the blender when you need it, add your liquid and ready to go. You can do the same with crock-pot ready freezer bagged meals and stock up the freezer for when bub comes. Good luck to you.


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          Just wanted give a quick update on what's been working so far. I'm almost finished with my 1st trimester and I think the worst aversions may be coming to an end.

          One of the best items I've found to satisfy my carb cravings without destroying myself with gluten has been those premade hard taco shells. I was surprised to find the Old El Paso brand only has a few ingredients - corn treated with lime and palm oil. Pretty clean as far as processed "normal" food goes. I threw in grassfed taco meat, cheese, salsa and sour cream and it was wonderful!

          I tried some potato chips from Sprouts that were at least only fried in olive oil. Fortunately, as was mentioned above, once I fulfilled that craving I was over it.

          We also tried some basic gluten-free crackers from Glutino. Not great since they have lots of ingredients but no offensive oils and pretty good covered in peanut butter ;-)

          Anyway, between these things, potatoes and some Haagen Daaz here and there I've been making it and surprisingly haven't totally abandoned everything primal.


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            After three kids: There is no reason to give in to pregnancy "cravings" for unhealthy foods any more than you would otherwise. When you have those kids, are you going to feed them chicken nuggets three meals a day because they want them? Then why feed yourself crap?


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              Originally posted by fuzzylogic View Post
              After three kids: There is no reason to give in to pregnancy "cravings" for unhealthy foods any more than you would otherwise. When you have those kids, are you going to feed them chicken nuggets three meals a day because they want them? Then why feed yourself crap?
              I think you misunderstood what I was saying. Perhaps "cravings" isn't the right word as much as "this is the only thing I won't throw back up." If just looking at and smelling the breakfast I'm making for my family makes me gag, I'm certainly not going to force it down my throat. It would be impossible.

              Besides, the aversions normally only last during the few weeks and then it's mainly back to normal (this is my 3rd pregnancy.) Also, I don't know how you arrived at your statement about feeding my kids crap food if they ask for it. Your logic is definitely completely off but I guess you give fair warning of that in your SN.