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Living at night, low cortisol and weak adrenals - question

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  • Living at night, low cortisol and weak adrenals - question

    Hi. When I read the book "It starts with food" by authors of the Whole30, the chapter about cortisol seemed very interesting to me, because "bad day" description fits me somewhat. I started reading about cortisol and now I think that it is way too low in the hours 5 - 14 and 19 - 22. I have kinda school holidays, so I sometimes stay all night and sometimes try to become morning bird.

    My feelings after trying to regulate sleep is that by sleeping at night I'm just wasting my most precious and productive moments. So I don't really know what to do. Try to sleep from 12 to 20 and then just be awake at night and you will feel similiarly to what I feel. So my question is, if I have this low cortisol, and I will sleep through times when it is in acceptable levels, will I be wasting good 'moments' one after another or will it fix a little maybe in a month or so? I really don't know what to do, sleeping when I am mentally 2 times brighter seems a waste... but on the other hand it's a middle of the night. Have anybody reset their sleep timer without losing any productivity?
    I will be normal. I will be NORMAL again