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  • No changes... frustrating!


    I' ve been grain free for a month now. Maybe not completely paleo but grain and gluten free.
    This is frustrating since I am reading everybody's comments about how they feel so good after a week or two, or within a month.
    It's been a little more than a month for me and... no changes. No benefits. The only thing maybe is that I feel I sleep more profound, sometimes.

    I have a lot of chronical symptomes like: Acid reflux, bloating, gaz, constipation, cramps, really bad menstrual cramps, headaches (tension), my sinuses feel blocked almost all the time, palpitations, cravings like I am afraid to lack of food and cannot concentrate, no energy, anxiety with sometimes panic attacks (though it's rare)... am I forgetting someting?

    Anyway, a lot of people seem to be relieved really fast from those kind of symptomes by eating paleo, or only by removing grains from their diet. So why it's not working for me?? I still have all those symptoms and they even seem to be worst!! I don't understand... do I have to wait longer? Am I doing something wrong? I don't feel normal... my brother is following the diet too and he's feeling great and lost some weight, so our diet is correct, it's me, I'm not normal or something...

    I don't need to lose weight though, I've always been skinny and I think I should gain weight before I dissapear.

    Oh plus, now when I walk to go to work, it's getting hard to walk. It hurts, like it's demanding too much to my legs, like if I was walking up a hill but even on flat surfaces, like they are tired, but reaaally fast. And that is only since I cut off grains from my diet. It's like I have LESS energy than before instead of more... what's happening? I feel like something might be missing ? Some nutrients? I would like to do some sports but I was waiting for my diet to give me more energy so it would be easier to move...

    Should I run to the doctor that might only give me chemical pills?

    Is there anyone else in my situation?

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    You sound really broken. You might consider not just dabbling and go for a Whole 30. It's likely that you have some profound gut healing to do and continuing to eat things that might not be tolerable isn't going to give you any real results. I don't have any major food intolerances myself and I felt awful after 5 weeks of primal. Didn't start to feel any better until week 6 and didn't start to feel better than normal until about month 2. So not everybody gets such short term results.
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      People have different issues. Maybe you have a dairy sensitivity or sensitivity to nightshades, and wheat and grains are no big deal for you. I found that nightshades make me feel like crap. Bloat, reflux..... perfectly primal to eat a tomato, but makes me feel like shit.
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        agreed. I think the more problems you have, the longer it can take for any healing to occur. And surely you didn't get that way overnight, so expecting everything to evaporate that quickly isn't very realistic. Something that is hard for me to realize as well and I have to reset my expectations now and then.
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          It sure took several years to become that way, but everyone seem to heal so fast... And I've always been skinny so I though maybe there's a problem with me?
          I am going to see a naturopathe to figure out what Is wrong, or at least to help me find out what food doesn't help me at all.
          Maybe my body hasn't switched to fuel on fat yet? I've eaten some sugar sometimes but mainly from blueberries. But yes, sometimes a little bit of bad sugar... but I lowered the quantities a lot since before.

          Have someone else experienced the tired legs like me while walking?


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            What is a typical day's food like? When you say all you did was cut out grains, do you mean you replaced it with something else? If you were eating lots of grains and then didn't replace them with anything, then you may be having symptoms from lower carbs than you're used to, and maybe you're not even eating enough calories each day.


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              It took me six months after going gluten free to see a change in my symptoms -- some tiny progress after a few months. But it sounds like perhaps food intolerances might be a serious issue for you. You sound like classic celiac, actually. And you have to be vigilant. It isn't enough to cut out most -- you have to cut out all, 100% of the time. So it's cool that you are working with a naturopath. Hopefully they'll help get you going down the right road. Hang in there. It does take time. I wasn't an instant fix going gluten free, and even after going on primal/paleo, I discovered I had candida overgrowth, and that's taking some time to repair, as well.
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                Happy anniversary for me. two years and 7 rounds of HCG and strickly primal for 6 month and stricktly ketogenic for 12 months and by god my weight is finally starting to come off on its own....

                unless you were just someone who refused to shut their pie hole.... it may take a second to kick in. but stay with it.
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                  Acid reflux, bloating, gaz, constipation, cramps, really bad menstrual cramps, headaches (tension), my sinuses feel blocked almost all the time, palpitations, cravings like I am afraid to lack of food and cannot concentrate, no energy, anxiety with sometimes panic attacks (though it's rare).
                  Sounds more like a dairy allergy to me. I've quit both. As a former snorer, Farty McGee, and bloat king, I will testify that BOTH grains and dairy can easily be lived without. Dairy also makes me crave food. I think it does things to my system that tell me to EAT EAT EAT. So I have a cheese stick once in awhile if I'm jonesing, or buy a tiny brick of raw, organic hippie cheese and eat a tiny amount daily until it's gone. But I regularly go weeks without any dairy, and those are the weeks I can see my abs and have smoother energy between meals.
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                    Vega, no I didn'T replace them. I usually eat bacon and eggs in the morning, nuts for snack (I eat a lot of them) I eat a leftover at diner like some meat with some vegetables, like green peppers, broccoli, avocado, cucumber... meats are chicken, pork or beef, or fish. And same for dinner. Between meals I will eat some vegetables sometimes, lots of nuts, oh and sometimes peanut butter (I know this ain't good, i'm gonna switch to almond butter very soon).I noticed also that I am more hungry at meals, I eat more that before. It wouldn't surprise me that I don't eat enough calories... but I don't want to count them, or I'll give up because I hate that.

                    Ciavyn, thx, I will see what my naturopathe thinks (when I get to meet one). What is that candida overgrowth thingy?

                    Quelsen, what is ketogenic? I heard that before but I don't understand how it works. What does it do? Someone told me to cut ALL sugar or my liver can't go into ketogenic state, does that makes sense? What does it mean?

                    Knifegill, that was my next step, cutting off on dairies. I ate some cheese the other day and the reflux were horrible until the next day!! It shouldn't be that hard since the only dairy I eat is cheese. I don't drink any milk, except almond milk sometimes.


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                      Oh, okay. You want to read the book first. Or at least spend a few hours reading all of the articles Mark has put together under the "Start Here" link up top.

                      Sounds like you're mostly doing it right, though. The nut butter is fattening for many, but for a thin person it might just maintain their weight. Do give consideration to the high omega-6 content of nuts, and the pitfalls of generally eating too often, though I understand it's different for the thin folks.

                      When I got started, I just replaced my junk food with real food, and worked on meal timing/reducing snacking later. And almonds got me through it. Just keeping it to paleo.primal fare is a big enough first step for a few weeks! First, seek optimal nutrition and health.

                      And it was about six weeks before my system was dialed in to digest all this fat efficiently. It can take longer for some.
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                        I haven't read the primal book, but I read Wheat Belly so I already know about all the bad of the grains. But yeah I could read the book too. I already read a bunch of Mark's articles too though. I would like to integrate the exercising part, but I don't have enough energy... it's hard to walk for me right now... :/


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                          I think I read the whole thread, so apologies if this has already been suggested. Maybe get a blood work up? Just in case what's happening to you has nothing to do with diet. I know traditional doctors are kind of dense in the nutrition area, but they can be life savers in other areas.
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                            Nice post and thanx sharing this information.


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                              I think the naturopathe offers some blood tests too. I'm gonna talk about that too.
                              Thx everyone for the info, I feel less alone in that situation