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Cheap unrefined coconut oil?

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  • Cheap unrefined coconut oil?

    I'd do a search for this but my firefox is throwing a temper tantrum with the search boxes for some reason. I'm wondering is there's any good but cheap places to order coconut oil from online? I buy the Spectrum unrefined brand for ~$9-10 for a 14 oz jar. (the refined is about $2 less) I've very happy w Spectrum but we're not attached to the hip.. but I do prefer the most unrefined kind of coco oil feasible. I saw some sites that sell coco oil in bulk in a plastic bucket.. for this, I do not care I also came across a website where there was a picture of some coconuts and a measuring cup of oil that was yellow. Suffice to say, I won't be buying from there.

    I used Tropical Traditions a few times in the past and was happy w it but I don't see the type I bought on their website and their prices aren't so hot either. I've also gotten some local-store-brand coco oil jars before but they cost around the same as the Spectrum and I'm pretty much sticking to the closest health food store near my house anyways.

    I wouldn't mind buying in bulk to save in the long run but like I said no huge plastic buckets. Does anyone know any places where I could get coco oil for cheaper than what I'm paying right now? I only recently made the switch from conventional meat to grass-fed which is costing me about twice as much $$, so it'd be nice to save a little bit where I can. Any suggestions?

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    Nutiva's 54 oz jar sells for $24 in Amazon and is eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping so long as you buy some other eligible product with it that pushes your total order about $25. That is a pretty good deal for a very good product. Or you can get two 29 oz jars for $30, which is also a much better deal than what you pay at the store. Don't know if you consider these "buying in bulk" or not. The 29 oz jars are tall. The 54 oz jars are fat. If you have a Whole Foods near you, their 365 Brand of Virgin Coconut Oil is excellent and sells for $8 per jar. Coconut Oil is one of the few items where Whole Foods is usually cheaper than "regular" Supermarkets. I don't have a Trader Joe's near me, but they have their own Coconut Oil too.


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      Thank you, that 54 oz jar looks like a great deal.