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Please post your Primal school lunch ideas.

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    ^That's the thermos I have, works fine.


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      Thank you all so much for your suggestions. So far, he is most favorable to roast chickens and raw veggies.


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        Originally posted by solstice View Post
        Ha ha Dado---Here is my thermos---even has a built in spoon!
        Thermos Stainless King SK3000MBTRI4 Food Jar, Midnight Blue: Kitchen & Dining
        The bacon will get less crispy while it is stored in the thermos with the eggs. I premake the bacon, on the crispy side and scramble eggs---and voila! Lunch!
        VERY COOL. The question is, how can we keep the bacon crispy? I would prefer it crispy but if it can't be done I'll live with it.


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          We bought the Thermos model FDH1405P, which is a 48oz stainless food jar with the stainless lid, carrying handle (and also a shoulder strap), cap with a push-button pour spout in case you have something smooth and liquid in there, and an extra plastic cup between the stainless lid and sealing cap. WE LOVE THIS MODEL! I have really, really big eaters - and they are girls...

          Re what to bring for lunch - between my dairy-allergic celiac daughter and my other grain-free/dairy-free daughter, the answer is usually leftovers because I cook a crapload of food every time I cook, just so I can have extra fixins for travel lunches (as I commute to a nearby city with the special-needs daughter for therapies several times a week). Soup, beef stew, broth and veggies, spaghetti sauce and meatballs... it all is reheated and goes in the Thermos. Otherwise, anything that still tastes good cold we take as is, like cold sliced steak or ham cubes - and tend to throw it on top of mixed greens (lettuce packed separately).

          We also like the Larabars, and Cliff Ropes and/or Stretch Island fruit leathers.
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            I have an 11 yo and 15 yo (girls). 15 yo is less inclined to go primal, but 11 yo packs her lunches with the following:
            Protien: (choose 1)
            - nitrate free lunch meat - as many slices as she wants, I think she takes 4 (I buy Hormel)
            - any left over meat if it is palatable cold (she's not into the thermos, probably not "cool" at school Haha!)
            - tuna salad - can of tuna, mayo, salt & pepper (I will make it she requests it & sneak a veggie in)
            Veggies/fruit (one of each):
            - sliced bell peppers
            - carrots
            - celery
            - cucumbers
            - apple
            - orange
            Fat (she'll include one or two):
            - she has a close friend deathly allergic to nuts so she wont entertain any nut or nut butter, not even sunflower seeds or tahini (not taking any chances!) But I like to dip vegies in nut butters sometimes - its easy to put in a small container.
            - olives, any kind but greek (kid would eat a can a day if I let her)
            - cheese
            - olive oil w/ balsamic vinegar & salt & pepper.
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              Originally posted by Kariberry View Post
              Same boat - except oldest is going off to the college dorms and is on a meal plan. There is a serious lack of healthy foods in the cafeteria, and he can't afford to spend much extra $ on food... anybody with college kids on the meal plan? Suggestions?
              he should be fine... i survived college without putting on any weight. I went to University of Colorado at Boulder which is a pretty large hippy school. out of the multiple dorm and housing options EACH dorm had a different menu so you could decide where you wanted to eat based on the options (lasagna or grilled chicken, like that is even a question.) besides that each dorm had a huge awesome salad bar with tons of veggies. there was also a grill/chef that would cook meat or omelets or whatever for you during certain hours. dorm food is like a restaurant... you have good choices but you just need to be smart about making them there are so many options/accommodations at college because of dietary allergies and different cultures coming together.

              besides that, a mini fridge and microwave can go a long ways in helping out and saving money!


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                School Lunch Ideas | Everyday Paleo

                Designed for smaller kids, so resize accordingly
                *My obligatory intro

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