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Cooking in bacon fat

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  • Cooking in bacon fat

    How long is too long to leave bacon fat out? Say I cooked bacon tonight, could I cook eggs in it for breakfast?

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    I don't have the official Health Department codes on this, but my mama used to strain the bits out with a small stainless steel strainer and leave it out on the counter in a bowl to cool and often forget to put it in the fridge. I lived to see the ripe old age of 45 so far...
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      Yeah I leave it out and no issues. I suppose if you have a compromised immune system you might have an issue but I doubt it.
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        I have a little bacon fat bowl...constantly leave it out and use and refill as needed!
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          I just leave it in the pan and reuse it the next day.
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            bacon (before you even get it) is a cured meat, and cooked it can sit out for days unrefrigerated, as can the fat rendered off it. I wouldn't push it past 3 though
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