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    With the summer arriving, so do more bugs. Has anyone noticed an Improvement/Regression/No Change in bug bites as compared to previous non primal dieting years? For instance, fewer mosquitoes are either attracted to you or their bites just heal quicker.

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    I kind of wondered about that. I recently went backpacking in the Winds. I was hardly troubled by mosquitoes at all. They did bother me some. I really hate it when they bite through my shirt on the backs of my arms and shoulders, and they did that a lot. But oddly I maybe scratched the bite once and by the next day the bite was gone. Other times I could be standing there with my friends and mosquitoes are all over them and not so much on me. I always wondered how other people could tolerate mosquitoes with such a calm attitude and here I was tolerating them calmly. If that's from eating less grain starch and sugar, then yay! What a wonderful benefit.
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      I don't think there is a link, may be only if you are in ketosis and scare them away by your smell
      Mosquitos bite me just as much as usual, totally ignoring my non-primal BF - I must be yummier My reaction to bites gets worse every year but I think it's because I am hardly ever exposed to them now whereas in the past I'd be bitted 10 times a day (when living in the countryside).


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        The mosquitos are pretty bad where I am right now and they are attacking everyone with the same enthusiasm. I wish my diet would keep them away, but it really isn't! They've even been getting me through my jeans. Some bites are healing quick, and some are taking their time. Had one a couple of weeks ago that spread and wouldn't heal and for a few days actually thought I might have to see a doctor, but it did eventually heal.


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          I am seldom bother with 'skeeters' even as a kid in Minnesota (where they're referred to as the state bird) Always thought it was the onions I love~ especially raw, green onions of summer. Maybe the BAS with onions help?


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            I found about a dozen bites on my backside when I got back from hiking this week, that I hadn't even felt. I wonder if mosquitoes and their itchy spit are different in different areas? A bite in NYC seems to last for days for me, but those little wimpy ones in the mountains don't seem to do very much. No idea whether / why primal would help, but the buggers do seem to favor some folks over others.
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              I've found bug bites to be noticeably worse and greater in number now compared with pre-primal days. I don't believe diet is a factor. Rather, I think it's a direct result of spending more time getting fresh air, exercise, and sunshine know, where the bugs live and dine.


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                chock down a couple leaves of plantain each day for a week to two weeks and see if that'll help keep the mosquitoes away. There's different verities but plantain goes most places.

                If you dry plantain leaves, thoroughly, and soak them in olive oil for 6 weeks in a dark area (give it a shake every day) you can make a salve from the infused oil that's also good on bits and burns.

                To make the salve: heat the infused oil just enough to melt some bees' wax in the oil. Maybe only 10% wax to oil. The more wax the stiffer the salve. It easy to add too much wax. I bet coconut oil added to the oil oil would work great too.

                You can also make lip balm this way using peppermint oil (or whatever other flavor you like) added to the olive oil. Bert's Bees cost about $8 a tin. For $8 you can make a lifetime supply of lip balm this way
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