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  • Migraines...

    Hey guys. I tried going Primal earlier this year and failed. The main reason being that I get migraine's incredibly easily and one of the triggers is skipping meals. And when I've tried primal meals instead of high carb meals I've had the same result. It feels like I've not eaten anything.

    I'm wondering what the best approach would be. I tried starting with one meal (breakfast) and that didn't work. I haven't managed gradually reducing the high carbs either. Obviously I can't function in life while I adjust if I have constant migraine's.

    Any suggestions?

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    From what I have read, a good intake of magnesium helps keep the migraines away. It's also very common to have a magnesium deficiency, so I'd recommend starting there.

    I suppliment with magnesium citrate and with the magnesium chloride spray.
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      I used to get bad migrianes, them main tigger for me was skipping a meal or going low calorie. I used to say/claim that my migraines was why I got fat, because I could not diet. Tried Jenny Craig one time for a week, it was a week from hell, a migriane every day.

      Since going Primal, I have not had a migraine and I IF on a daily basis. There is no reason to starve yourself on Primal in the begining. Eat large big Primal meals, three times a day as your body gets used to Primal living, eat carbs, but eat the right carbs, fruits and veggies. You will be fine.....
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        There is no reason you have to skip meals in the beginning unless you're having a dozen of them. Fasting is something you can do much later on, when everything else is dialed in and you're maybe working on the last few pounds that won't budge (and even then, you have to ask yourself whether they should budge, but I digress).

        Start out with a good breakfast with mostly protein and fat. Eat a decent lunch and a good dinner. Don't skip them. Yeah, the first 2 or 3 weeks might be rough, but after that you'll find yourself not getting the "I have to eat now or I'm going to start killing things" feeling because your blood sugar is more stable. Honest, it happens. Again, you really don't need to skip any meals, but if you just want to for the hell of it, wait until you've been doing this solid for quite a while.

        Magnesium is a huge help for most people with migraines. I have to take a full 800mg, so I spread it out over the day, taking 400mg with breakfast and 400mg before bed. That way my colon isn't slammed and I don't spend the morning on the toilet. It can be a laxative if you take too much or a type that doesn't agree with you. Most people seem to like the ones that end in "ate" but they didn't work as well for me. The cheap drugstore type is best for me, but I've never been the norm. Try one, and if it doesn't seem to help, try another. They do act differently, and for each person as well.

        I know every time I do eat gluten or even "gluten free" breads, I end up with a migraine. There are foods I just have to avoid (bacon, foods cooked in wine, dark chocolate) or I will still get one. But since taking magnesium and ditching the grains, I don't get the ones from lack of sleep, caffeine or drops in barometric pressure anymore. But it's something you have to take every single day, not just when they happen.


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          I'm not trying to skip meals, but when I don't eat enough carbs I have the same problem as when I do skip meals. So I'm trying to figure out the best approach to ease in to paleo foods. Or whether I just need to go cold turkey and if so, how to survive!! Thanks for all the advice. Will definitely try magnesium.


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            okay, so why don't you eat carbs and eat regular meals? fruit, sweet potatoes, green plantains.... you're making this harder than it needs to be!


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              I have digestive problems with most fruit. As for vegetables - even including potatoes etc. - I wonder how easy it will be to get enough to avoid a migraine. I failed at it once already. Just wanting suggestions.


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                Have you considered that it might be sugar withdrawal symptoms? If your body is used to a whole lot of sugar, the headaches might be triggered by the sudden lack of it. Why not try starting by supplementing with a lot of fruit? Then you'll know whether it's sugar withdrawal or not.

                Also, for what it's worth, I used to get horrible migraines when I drank a lot of diet soda, and I discovered that aspartame was the cause. Even now, if I eat a few mints that have aspartame in them, I am guaranteed to get a migraine.


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                  if fruit doesn't work for you, potatoes should do the trick.


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                    I concur about the magnesium. I used to get migraines too and I thought if i didn't eat every 2-3 hrs I would get one. But since going primal and taking magnesium I haven't had a migraine. Just eat enough; don't even think about skipping a meal now. Make sure you eat enough fat. Eventually you may find yourself going longer between meals. BTW I didn't notice any difference until I cut out all grains, thankfully i have found that i don't have any problems with dairy so it's easy to make a meal high fat.
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                      Thanks guys for the suggestions. Guess potatoes are my new best friend so. Wish me luck!