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  • Funny thing happened

    3 weeks down and I have been doing pretty well with eating primal. Still working on my splenda/HWC in my coffee but its already cut in half so I am getting there. Before I started this, I was already avoiding potatoes, breads, pastas 75% of the it hasnt been real hard for me. Earlier this week, my husband made hamburgers on the grill and I decided to eat it on a bun, not sure why, but my desire to eat good was beaten down by my desire to not look like an idiot eating just the burger, which I do any other time. Not sure why I gave in honestly. But the funny part was that it was the most disgusting hamburger I had ever eaten. The bun tasted like chemicals, nasty, I only ate half. So while I did fail, I think I was also successful at convincing myself that grains just taste bad. I can promise I wont make that mistake again.

    Tomorrow is the start of week 4 and also the start of having my coffee black. Then during the week, I will work on cutting out on my splenda in my tea at work. I am an operations manager for 10 Subways so I used to drink sweet tea all day long, probably 3 or 4 32oz cups during the day. I havent had sweet tea since March 2011. I started drinking unsweet tea with splenda. I drive a lot during the day from store to store and I like having my tea in the car with me to sip on, going to slowly switch to just water.

    I am down about 6 pounds and 3 inches so I know I am doing most things right. Tonight I am making primal Tikka masala and I am very excited to try it.

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    Eating a burger without the bun isn't all that uncommon anymore.
    Lots of people do it.
    You can go to Red Robin and get a burger wrapped in lettuce instead of the bun. It's on the menu, and quite popular.


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      Mmm. I love chicken tikka masala - if it turns out well please share the recipe!
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        If you like sweet tea, maybe you could add fruit to it? I used to put frozen cherries in my tea to make it cold and sweet/tart. Frozen peaches were good, too.

        I know what you mean about things tasting like chemicals, I had some regular lunch meat (with preservatives) and it was so gross. Artificially flavored coffee is out as well. I used to love Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle roasted coffee but now it's just bitter and chemically.


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          Well, my tikka masala was a little twangy, if thats a word for spices lol. I think my mistake is that I used ground ginger instead of fresh grated ginger, I dont know for sure because I dont use alot of those spices on a regular basis so I cant pick out a particular spice that was too much. It was kinda soury spicy. Other than that, it was fabulous. I got the recipe from here so just do a search. I ate it in a bowl, my family put it over rice. One child took one bite and then heated up leftovers, the other child ate half and walked away undecided. The husband ate all of it after he decided it needed to be poured over his salad. He left the table sweating, I was very happy with that. He enjoyed it but agrees that it needed fresh ginger and less cilantro.