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    Originally posted by namelesswonder View Post
    That would have been nice, but the paint was all in terrible condition (and so was the fiberglass of the fenders). Also the hood was black. I was going to go pumpkin-inspired and have some black on it, but never got around to it. I also had some purple and leopard/zebra print seat covers
    Ooh that hurts my eyes just thinking about it :-)
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      So much beautiful work. I don't know how I missed this thread!

      I've done a lot of different craft stuff, I especially like drawing in charcoal, painting with encaustic (that's a pigment and beeswax medium) but right now I'm devoting my time to felting: here are some of my masks:

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        i seriously dig the disco skull

        i really really do
        yeah you are

        Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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          thank you! I luv it too.


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            I quilt and do machine quilting and art quilts. Been slow lately with my posts but have my backgammon board on my blog modern day designs below.
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              I've been looking into getting blacksmithing equipment.
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                I meant to say before that I love the disco skull as well. I really like metallic/shiny works and mixing it up with something so organic makes it that much more interesting. Lots of creative people here, love the masks and quits and photography. Alex, have you already worked with metals? Could you get an apprenticeship working with a blacksmith? Looking back to when I was your age I wish I had done something like that (welding would have been great too) and learned some useful skills.

                I've been messing around with the corian, cutting, drilling, polishing, and getting a feel for it. Nothing ground breaking yet, but fortunately I have a ton of the stuff so I have plenty to practice with.
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                  Originally posted by Blackcatbone View Post
                  I meant to say before that I love the disco skull as well. I really like metallic/shiny works and mixing it up with something so organic makes it that much more interesting.
                  i just wanted to say thanks re: disco skull. It is a very organic thing, the skull. I'm still learning. I just love to work with the skulls b/c of their shapes. The sutures/seams of the skull kinda tell you how to put the pieces. And i love the horns!

                  my dream is to be able to be able to one day live in the mountains, go for bike rides in the AM and work on skulls in the PM. Just a few more years of wage-slavery and hopefully we'll be able to do it.


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                    I do a bit of illustration in my spare time. I have a website too!

                    Red Afro.jpg

                    Welcome to my Illustration Website


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                      Love the shoes, love these masks, especially this one -

                      Originally posted by Urban Forager View Post
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                        You are all so talented!

                        I do a lot of stuff. Here's some photos of a few things I've done:



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                          I make jams and do a lot of caning type activities but most of my time is spent making homemade liquor concoctions. Currently, I have brewing vin de noix, a French recipe using green walnuts, wine, brandy and spices. It's supposed to taste like Christmas Also have the Italian version, nocino, curing in my booze closet. Pics below - alsso put in a pic of some lovely strawberry-infused vodka I made for my birthday.

                          Vin de Noix.jpgIMG_0610.jpg


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                            I've been busy shoveling tons of dirt so not much time for hobbies. Taking tomorrow off to go canoeing though, YAY! I'm going to start experimenting with rammed earth this weekend. I'll probably have to do a bunch of tests before I figure it out. All the shoveling is to change the grade around the garage and since our lot has a pretty steep slope so I've dug some steps into the side going up around the back of the garage which we're building an apartment on top of. I want to make rammed steps, basically miniature walls, to reinforce them. Here's a picture of the side (with my shifty eyed dog, Kitty) before the steps were cut.
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