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Primal Mamas, help me find decent healthcare!

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  • Primal Mamas, help me find decent healthcare!

    Hello everyone, I am new to these forums, although I've followed MDA (and a basically primal lifestyle) for a couple of years now. I love the lifestyle, 'cause it just makes me feel plain old healthy, so I'm sticking to it.

    I have always preferred a more natural and less interventionist approach to healthcare, and I've never had much luck finding practitioners (other than the herbalists and acupuncturists) who are happy with that. My husband and I are about to start trying for our first child, and I'm a little bit panicked about dealing with the medical system.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for good ob/gyns, birthing centers or midwives, pediatricians, etc. in the Jersey City or New York City area?

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    If you go with a midwife (highly recommend...I loved my midwife), make sure you have a baby-friendly hospital as a back up in case you need to transfer to one (I had to transfer from my midwife's birthing center to the hospital after about 12 hours).
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      Wish you were a little closer. I go to one in NEPA that is great. Call your local healthfood store -- or stop in -- and ask them for referrals. I found several really great docs that way. Also, check this out: Paleo Physicians Network There's some good stuff on there as well.
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        Thanks for the tips, ladies. I just found a primary care doctor through the Paleo Physicians Network. I have an appointment next week, and am going to ask him for advice as well.


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          any local mommy message boards for you? was just listening to a story on npr about this.
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            Hm, I think I started looking and got discouraged too quickly. Guess I'd better dive back in.


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              Just wishing you good luck. I had two midwife assisted deliveries in baby-friendly hospitals. My hubby refused to do a home birth. Both were natural, no meds, intervention-free births and I nursed both my boys right away, and they stayed with me the entire time.

              I used the Hypnobabies home study program and thought it was terrific. Not only is the program informative and relaxing, I really did have two comfortable births that were joyous and just as I had envisioned. I loved the program so much I'm considering becoming an instructor.

              Good luck with getting pregnant and finding care.