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  • The California treatment

    So as I've traveled a little around the US, I've had a sneaking suspicion that I sometimes get "the California treatment" from various establishments and people. I might get a little more hassle than is necessary in a transaction. Or sometimes I believe I'm actually charged more money for things, sometimes double. I am nearly always forced to listen to some kind of anti-California political diatribe even though I have as much to do with crooked politicians and businesses as anybody else. Almost nobody is ever nicer to me after they find out I'm from California.

    Tell me the truth. Are you a resident of another state and do you purposefully mistreat Californians when they are visiting?
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    i will loudly and publically shun a bostonian
    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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      I think you may be a little over sensitive, so I suggest you increase the fat in your diet.
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      Couldn't resist immortalizing this quote.


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        The only negative things I hear in Washington State about Californians is they are bad drivers. To be fair, everyone I know with terrible road rage has a bias about every other driver not from their state. They'll get cut off by someone from Maryland, Idaho, whatever and all of a sudden everyone from there is a bad driver.

        When I lived in Arizona pre-adulthood, folks from California were "all a bunch of hippies".

        I know nothing of politics in California.


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          I live in Missouri, and we have absolutely no preconceived notions about California or Californians. My dad was a rock musician in the 80s, so we lived in Huntington Beach. I miss that beach, to this day!


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            When ever I run into a Californian I always admit that I did not enjoy the year I lived there.
            I was cold and miserable... totally a location issue.

            However... I visited lots of places there and met lots of great people.
            I think that if people have strange ideas about Californians its completely a media issue. *shrug*

            I think that lots of people have the similar misperceptions about people from many areas of the country though.
            For instance NYC, 'the south', Florida, Washington/Oregon... on and on.
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              I also hate Boston. Learn how to drive! Ughhhhhh.


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                Many people outside of California believe that all of us live in L.A. - on a sunny beach, talking like valley girls and surfer dudes.

                I guess the dinks don't know that California is a very large state that could be split into 3. L.A. is very small compared to the rest of the state. Only the media makes it seem that San Francisco and L.A. are the cities that make up the entire state.

                I live 3 hours north of San Francisco and it's very, very different than southern cali. It's nothing like S.F. either. Us northerners don't have much fondness for the city folk of the south, either. Most are just so naive about . . . . everything. Following all the rules that are put in place by the T.V. and ads.


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                  I grew up in California (Orange County and then the Antelope Valley) and then I moved to Vegas 13 years ago.

                  I was advised to immediately get local plates for my car because people here hate Californians.

                  California suffers from an image problem that it's also partly responsible for. In an effort to increase the tourist trade, it has been painted as all beach, surfers and movie stars. I know the reality is very different, but some people still think that's how it is. It's also assumed that all Californians are very liberal, which I find particularly funny having grown up in ultra-conservative Orange County.

                  I don't get it, but I've experienced many of the varied lifestyles and communities in California. I think it's a lot like thinking all New Yorkers are rude and all Texans have cattle ranches. Here in Vegas, people assume I must work for a casino becasue they think that's all we are.

                  BTW, Vegas driver are WAY worse than California drivers, and I have the car insurance premiums to prove it.


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                    Hey Lily Marie, I also live about 3 hrs north of SF.

                    Cori, I know what you mean about the weather, I spent most of my life on the central coast of California and it was cold and foggy most of the time, when the sun came out it was usually windy and cold. Where I am now we have actual Summers and sometimes snow in the Winter. I don't miss the coastal weather.

                    When my sister and her family moved Oregon, years ago she had some vandalism done to her house; she heard it was because they still had California plates on their cars.
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                      The "Californication" of some nearby states during one of the housing bubbles was kind of when it got really bad. People selling their overpriced homes in CA and then driving up the prices of homes in Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas, (for eg.).

                      But it was bad a long time ago also. I lived in SF from the early 70s to the late 80s, and I heard jokes about all the "fruits and nuts" lived in CA.

                      Some people just have to have a negative reaction to anything outside their comfort zone. Most people die within 50 miles of where they were born.

                      Oh yeah, no, I don't give Californians a hard time.
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                      Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


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                        Psssst! sbhikes!

                        They're all just jealous.


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                          My husband's grandmother had a house on Cheyenne Mountain, just outside of Colorado Springs CO. I got to visit there a couple of times before she passed away. The first time I visited, you could barely tell there were houses all up and down the mountain - they all purposely built their places so anybody up and down the mountain had unobstructed views and stayed below the treetops.

                          The last time I got to go, "the Californians" (as the locals said it) had purchased a number of the houses, as the old guard was passing on, and demolished them to build giant places that stuck out like sore thumbs. Several doors down one of these houses was actually some kind of powder pink paint job even.

                          Since I am not from CO in any sense of the word, all I have/had to go on is those few trips - but that pink house wasn't the only one of its ilk. I do think it was the time of the housing bubble.

                          Otherwise, I don't know any Californians personally and they generally don't find my home county here... so I guess by default the answer is "no difference in attitude" for here.
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                            I lived in San Diego until I was 21 and now I'm in the Seattle/Tacoma area and have been for the past few years. Prior to moving, I heard that people up here hate Californians but I never encountered that. No one really cared where I used to live. The only thing that I did get made fun of when I first moved was saying "The 5" instead of "I-5." And some teasing questions about everyone surfing or living at the beach or being tan.


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                              "....all surfer dudes" totally made me laugh. Few years back our shipper/receiver at work had to call in an order to a place in Santa Clara. The guy she talked to totally sounded like he had just smoked a reefer and kept replying with " 'kay babe" to her.

                              Like wtf? We laughed about that one for a while.

                              Anyways, Canadian here. We like every one :P