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Dr. K. -- Interesting but a little wacky

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  • Dr. K. -- Interesting but a little wacky

    I got hold of a copy of Homo Optimus. This is Jan Kwasniewksi's book and not easily available in English translation.

    If you don't know who he is, this post by Peter at Hyperlipid will be interesting background:

    Hyperlipid: Kwasniewski; praise the lard

    I was interested in Kwasniewksi, a former Polish Army doctor, as being a pioneer in modern paleo/low carb practice.

    Anyway, I was staggered to find that Dr. K believes that some kind of superbeings he calls "the gods" -- though whether he believes them to be supernatural or not, I don't know -- have been in contact with with mankind throughout history. He says these beings gave the Ancient Israelites a nuclear reactor (sic) for making manna (sic).

    One hardly knows what to think when coming across something so bizarre in a book about diet by a qualified medic. I can't imagine opening a book by Dr. Rosedale or Dr. Shanahan and finding something like that. It sounds more like Eric von Daniken territory.

    Nevertheless, other material in the book does make interesting reading, and practically speaking his methods do seem to have worked for many patients. I was particularly interested to discover that another Polish doctor, who now follows a similar regimen with his patients, has apparently been cured of MS by the Optimal Diet. Kwasniewski comments that MS is supposedly incurable. I immediately thought of Dr. Terry Wahls. What's striking in that in some ways the Optimal Diet is not at all like Dr. Wahls's regimen. Maybe a big part of it is what you're not eating ...