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  • Do you crochet?

    Hey, just looking for any other crocheters out there!

    I only like doing simple repetitive projects that I can do quickly. I make many, many crocheted dishcloths. I love using them because after a day of dishes I just toss them in the laundry basket.

    Some of my kin grow cotton and once, I twisted up several feet of "yarn" from the bolls after they harvested and I crocheted with that (just pulling out a bit of the fibers and twisting, pull and twist, and so on). I like knowing that if SHTF one day or if I'm in some kind of survival situation I have the ability to use cotton or other fibrous materials to make clothes, fabrics, nets, strong cord, or other useful items with this simple skill. I made a large laundry bag with a netted stitch (triple treble crochet, 4 chains, triple treble, 4 chains, etc) that would also work as a fishing net if the need ever arose.

    Do you crochet and what do you like to make?

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    No, I'm a total moron when it comes to any type of sewing, except for embroidery or crewelwork.


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      Oh I love hand embroidery! I taught myself a few years ago, then taught myself knitting (which I hate) and crochet. Don't do the embroidery so much anymore but it did make me money one time when I was embroidering a hand towel at work (YMCA) and a lady saw what I was doing and bought 3 of my hand towels right then and there for $30. I am bad at using a sewing machine though. Never done crewelwork.
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        I love crocheting but I never really made anything that was not skewed horridly and stuff. Enjoy the process once every few years, lol.
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          yep, love it when I have time. I prefer simple patterns I can do when it's cold outside and you huddle before the screen to catch up on television episodes.
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            I love to crochet doilies, which if large enough, would make awesome fishing nets. I don't actually USE the doilies -- I just like the discipline needed to create them according to an intricate pattern. My largest piece was made using an antique pattern for a window curtain -- it measures approx. 4 ft. x 4 ft.


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              I've been crocheting since I was about 8, I'm now 52. I don't do it as much as I used to but this spring I made a cute tank/vest. I love the way crochet is so flexible, I can redesign as I go. With the vest I first made it according to the pattern and then decided I didn't like the neck line so I just took it out and changed the design. I have no idea how to do that with knitting.

              I love all forms of hand work. Mostly I needle felt animal masks. I sell them at craft fairs or at the local art center. Here's a picture of my latest design of a Lynx:

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                My last crochet projects were: snowflakes, many, many snowflakes; an apple cover(to cushion an apple in my daughter's lunch bag-very cute, done in apple colors with an attached leaf); filet trim for pillowcases. I also like to knit(mostly socks), quilt, weave, and embroider.
                It is nice to know you can make stuff. I could do nets, or clothes for my tribe, make baskets to store food in, covers to keep us warm.


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                  I crochet too. I taught myself when I was bored at home pregnant with my second baby. Its amazing what you can learn from youtube!

                  Have you been over to ? Its my most favourite online place to be. Literally thousands of patterns to choose from, and many of them are free (I'm a tight arse so I love that).

                  I'd love crochet directly from cotton fibres like that, sounds great fun - in NZ we don't grow cotton so I can't do that, however we do grow so pretty fancy wool! We use nothing but homemade dishcloths in our house, made with imported cotton or bamboo though.


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                    i can crochet a mean single strand

                    ...that's uneven

                    but i'm half decent at cross stitching
                    yeah you are

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                      I adore crocheting. I go in fits and spurts. I did it through both pregnancies but then gave it up with young toddlers under foot. I'll probably take it back up again when the baby is less handsy and will play on his own.

                      I like to crochet blankets, scarves, headbands and flowers (as pins or to add to the previously mentioned items).

                      Edited to add: it's the only crafty thing I can do. I can not knit, sew or otherwise piece anything together.


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                        Can it be done with power tools? I guess a sewing machine could be considered a power tool . . . A general hobby thread would be cool. I hack/make furniture. I want to get into concrete soon as well.
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                          I am an avid crocheter as well as sewing and embroidery. I've done many projects from tops to blankets to scarves to hats to purses. When I am between projects I have been crocheting hats for the homeless shelter.

                          I love hanging out at Crochetville and pop into Ravelry from time to time.
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                            I crochet, and knit, and quilt. I learned to crochet granny squares as a kid. Now I'm into sweaters and stuff. Love to hibernate with yarn through the long dark winter. I never really thought about the survivalist aspects of it, but I guess I could keep my family and household in fabric and other fibrous tools.


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                              I just found my crochet hooks that I had packed away when I moved. I am going to go back to the lady that taught me a few years ago and refresh my memory for stiches and all that and hope to be making snowflakes for this year's Christmas fete.

                              I was looking at crochet magazines this morning, there were some lovely patterns.

                              I do not know if you have heard of guerilla gardening, but I was in Rome a years ago and they had done some guerilla knitting, looks like a lot of fun.
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