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Day 8 - been feeling great until....

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  • Day 8 - been feeling great until....

    I woke up this morning RAVENOUS (morning hunger is unusual for me anyway) and really really tired. First time I've woken up feeling this way. What's odd is I ate a little later than normal last night an had a slightly larger dinner than I'd been eating (maybe that messed me up?) but went to bed at the same time and slept like a rock. Woke up, had a couple glasses of water, noticed how hungry I was but I don't have anything prepped to just grab and eat (yikes! first time that's happened since starting, I chastised myself before bed for that, too) strolled with the dog. Getting ready for work now and so hungry and feeling really run down. I am hoping I am not catching that summer cold. Going to make a quick scramble and roll in a few minute late, hopefully that will pick me back up. Is this normal at all?

    (sorry if this is not the right place for this - still figuring forums out)

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    Sometimes when I feel that way I can trace it back to hidden sugar, but sometimes it's just lagged hunger.

    Not sure if you have a journal going yet, but a lot depends on how you're managing your transition. Cut out all grains? All sugar? Most or all starchy veg? Dairy?

    Some people have lots of draggy carb flu days and other people have none. It might have just snuck up on you.

    And (I just wrote this somewhere else but preparation is everything. Once you get it dialed in for your body the prep will fit into your schedule, but while you're getting the hang of it you absolutely must make sure you have primal food for these times, whether it's your own body screaming for food (feed it! but feed it primal) or dangerous circumstances (whatever these might be for you individually).

    Good luck!
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      Sounds to me like maybe you should eat something.

      Seriously, do not stress over something as minor as waking up hungry. Just eat some good food and have a good day.
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        This is great news! Sounds like delayed carb flu. That happened to me too -- you're great for a week, and then it hits. (Has anyone else had delayed carb flu?)

        I'm guessing that your body finally ran out of spare sugar and hasn't quite figured out how to burn fat yet. So your body is clamoring for carbs/sugar. Don't give in, or you'll start over from square 1.

        Eat some eggs drenched in butter, then wait an hour. If you're still ravenous, try a starchy veg, or, if you have to, some berries. You have another 8-10 days of this to get through. It will get better.
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          Wow, you woke up and you were hungry? What in the world could it be?

          Seriously... is it normal? Contrary to popular belief (on this board), most people are hungry when they wake up.
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            Thank you for the replies, serious and sarcastic alike. I was not as surprised that I was hungry (though I normally don't eat until a bit later in the morning) as I was surprised that I was so hungry I felt like I could eat my entire house if given the opportunity. Instead I had some bacon and avocado and was just fine.

            I didn't anticipate a lot of "carb flu" as I had not been eating many carbs and no added sugar prior to transitioning to 98% primal (I still add a splash of cream to my coffee and snack on cottage cheese 1-2x/week but am otherwise sticking to Mark's lists), so I was a little surprised.


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              If I eat more than normal, and close to when I go to sleep, I wake up extremely hungry. It's the only time I am ever hungry in the morning and it happens every time I do this.


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                Thank you lotus - that's exactly what I did so maybe that explains it. It would seem, using "learned" logic the opposite would be true, hence my confusion. But what I'm finding is all that "learned" logic is rubbish! Really appreciate you taking the time to answer!