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High BP due to adrenaline rush, how long "should" it last??

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  • High BP due to adrenaline rush, how long "should" it last??

    Hi all,
    Today on the way to the Doctors for a physical I had a nice adrenaline rush due to crazy traffic. Since going primal back in April my BP has fallen to the point I'm no longer taking any BP meds. So naturally 20 minutes later the doctor takes my BP-140/83, highest I've seen in years. Took it again 20 minutes later it was 133/80. Checked it about 1hr later 116/78, then 4hrs later 104/73 back to where it's been for weeks. I can't seem to figure out if this is a normal curve. Some sites say 15minutes back to norm, some 24 hrs.

    I think I should have jogged around the block a few times before the appointment and that would have bled off that excess adrenaline but I didn't think of that until later

    I'm blessed and live a pretty stress free life so I pretty much know when I get a big adrenaline rush and usually I have sleep problems that night.

    So my question is how long "should" it take to clean the system of excess adrenaline?? After exercise my BP restores within several minutes and certainly within a half hour, but I haven't been keeping close track since there didn't seem to be a problem.

    Thanks for any input