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My character in World of Warcraft discovers cave paintings!!

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    I did too, I know that cave. Mind you I am a Dwarf in most things.
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      Originally posted by Moochy View Post
      they were drawn by Orcs

      I hate teh quests in that cave. You spend time running way farther than you need, only to have to run back to where you started after three dang quests. BAH!

      And holy-crazy-bottom-black-bar batman! That is some nutz UI stuff going on.


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        Nice to see other WOW players...but I dont think I ever discovered that cave. :P
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          Originally posted by onalark View Post
          For the HORRRRRDE.
          Woot!! I can't wait for the new expansion. I have been taking a break from WoW to play Diablo 3. I think Blizzard makes the best games!!!


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            Originally posted by federkeil View Post
            nope, it's a conspiracy
            If NASA went to all the trouble of faking the moon landing, wouldn't they have a second major accomplishment by now?
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              I don't know if you're using kgpanels or what, but I would recommend making that black bar at the bottom into a gradient. Also, nice char/pet name.

              If I'm not mistaken, though, the paintings were made by monkeys who'd been made intelligent by the Kaja'mite in the cave?

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