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How long to heal shoulder sprain?

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  • How long to heal shoulder sprain?

    I have hurt my shoulder, I think by trying to stretch them (Very inflexible) by forcing them under the bar while squatting. Me and my bright ideas...

    It may also have been dips but I've done these for years with no issues.

    Press ups and chin ups are OK. Getting my arms into the squat position is painful, and anything with the arm raised to the side hurts at the top of the shoulder.

    It's been a few days now, and it's improved but not healed. I've trained around it, but can't immobilise it for either training, or work.

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    Quick bump as it's been diagnosed as shoulder impingement by my local chiropractor.

    I've had an intense (Brutal) massage on it, and ultrasound treatment, and taken two weeks off of over head training.

    It's better, but not cured. I am an electrician so completely stopping all over head activity is not an option.

    Just wondered if anyone had any similar experience or advice. I have been given many differing opinions about cortisone injections.

    I'm gutted. I just want to train and it's one obstacle after another.


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      i got this wierd similar shoulder pain and i thought it was from training but worked out on my own it was my rotator cuff and was caused by my dog pulling when we were out walking. what i did was i changed the arm i led him on and made him walk at heel at all times to stop further aggravating it. i trained around the injury. anything that made it hurt, i stopped. i looked at prehab exercises and got myself some clubbells to strengthen the whole area to make sure it didnt happen again. i did stuff up a few times and do something silly which made it flare up again but i can now do what i used to be able to before without pain. prob 2 months all up. working on making sure it doesnt happen again using prehab is a continual thing too.


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        Shoulder problems like you desribe can sometimes be attributed to muscle imbalances. Typically, when we exercise, we don't focus too much on the muscles in back of the shoulder. We want to look good up front, so we do bench presses for pecs and shoulder exercises to work on our anterior delts, etc. The results can sometimes be that the stronger anterior muscles up front pull the shoulder forward, out of proper alignment. A trainer once told me when describing shoulder muscles, "I want Cadillacs in the back and Volkswagens in the front." Find a good PT or Athletic Trainer in your area, describe your symptoms and with some Theraband exercises and some posture changes, they can probably get you back in business. Hope this helps...Mr.C.


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          Thank you both.

          I've trained dumbbell rows, pull-ups, and dips to act as 'opposites' to all the bench and overhead presses. Hopefully they are fairly balanced.

          I guess it will just take time!