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Acne on chest from working out....

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  • Acne on chest from working out....

    K - I know - gross topic... anyone else experience their chest breaking out? Started when I began working out hard plus summer heat... been trying to rinse/exfoliate with a washcloth/use nutrogena post workout... anyone have any luck solving this issue?

    Want to wear summer v-necks or sundresses and the pimple chest is ... well... sigh. Tho I'm glad it's not my face.

    Just curious.... thanks!!
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    Have you ever tried body powder before? I think it's essential when you're out in the heat or working out. They have clay based ones free of talc and corn starch.


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      I haven't but will... thought it may "clog" pores even more than they are if I'm breaking out... haven't experienced this before but haven't worked out this hard before either.
      We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde


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        Lol, omg. It's funny you mention this because I did panic around when I started lifting because I did get acne in that area (and my face is usually It improved over time, though, and I don't have any anymore, and I did not change any of my dietary/hygiene habits, although I did stop eating cheese regularly. Maybe just wait it out for your skin to get used to it?
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          My back has gotten a little acne this summer from excess sweating . . . I started showering almost exclusively with cold water as quickly as possible after working out, and it's almost completely gone. Because I bike to work on top of working out, this sometimes means I take two or three quick showers a day, but it really has helped a lot! The cold water is also very refreshing


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            Cut the dairy
            Cold showers are win
            Cut the soap if you dare.
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