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Can going primal get rid of moles?

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  • Can going primal get rid of moles?

    I'm a big believer in the paleo diet and that it's good for your all-round health. I also believe that moles on the skin are a symptom of 'something' and that in perfect health a person wouldn't have lots of moles.

    You can probably see where this is going- I have lots of moles that have bugged me my whole life. It's especially annoying as everyone else in my family has 'normal' skin. I suspect that having light treatment for jaundice at birth or something else I haven't considered might be at the root of it. I seem to have had a problem with sugar- it caused my long-term severe acne that's now clearing up since I've cut all refined sugar (don't I sound attractive right now)!

    Anyway, whatever the cause, I'm still only young (26) and to be honest I'm sick of feeling as if I can't even wear a pair of shorts or a swimsuit without feeling really awful. I'm not particularly insecure, honest, but I look as if someone got a straw and blew chocolate milk over my legs and arms (my torso is clear, inexplicably). It might be a long shot, but anyone have any ideas on why moles are caused (I've read they may be fungus related, or due to some kind of deficiency, etc.) and how to get rid of them naturally?

    My doctors all refuse to get rid of them as they're benign, regular, etc. and there's no history of skin cancer in my family so I either fork out hundreds and see a laser specialist or I heal myself from within and get rid of them that way. I've heard the paleo diet helps with so much, including acne, sunburn, so why not moles?

    Please tell me I'm not crazy thinking this might be possible!

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    I've been primal now since the beginning of 2012, and I have moles and freckles everywhere. I haven't noticed a decrease in number myself, and I have no clue if it's a possibility or not, but I totally understand how you feel. For the longest time I felt like a polka-dotted freak (And I am SUPER pasty, so you can see them from a mile away) but as I've gotten into my mid to late twenties, I just stopped caring. My skin is healthy, none of them are cancerous or pre-cancerous. This is just me. If some of them go away, I'm not going to be sad, but I really just don't care anymore. Love me or hate me, this is me!

    I hope that whatever happens, you can get to the point where you accept your skin for what it is and stop worrying about what other people think of it. I'm sure you're beautiful!
    GW: No clue since I have never been thin. I'm "big boned" frame-wise so I'm shooting for 170-ish, but I'll see when I get there, I guess.
    CW: 268
    SW: 316

    As of 7/17/12 Down 48 pounds!


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      Not sure what to eat to get rid of them but if you don't find anything, you can take solace in a recent article I read that said people with lots of brown spots live longer. Not sure what the connection is.
      Stay Young With Freckles Advantages and Disadvantages of Spotted Skin
      the only link I could find quickly - the one I resd previously was more specific.


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        Although not what I was digging for, thanks for making me feel better. Perhaps they are natural after all and i should just shut up and deal :]


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          Originally posted by Namie View Post
          My doctors all refuse to get rid of them as they're benign, regular, etc. and there's no history of skin cancer in my family
          Any dermatologist will remove moles even if there is not medical justification. Vanity and self-esteem is reason enough. They just freeze them off and it leaves a small scar in its place that fades with time. If your doctor won't do it, you need another doctor.


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            Peacecorpscavemen, I think dermatologist won't do it if you have 100s of moles. Really, I have and I suspect that the opening poster has this too. When I wanted to have one being removed because it hurt when wearing a bra, he literally said 'but then i don't know where to start'

            So good for your self esteem

            But, yes, I don't care anymore and wear a tank top or a bikini, really, no one else cares either! People are self absorbed and everyone has some insecurity they are focused on. Good luck in accepting and loving yourself, you deserve it!

            ETA: I read in an article that most moles appear before you are 25, its scary that you appear to have more and more every year, but it WIll taper down!


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              I have tons of moles too - from tiny little dots to big, fingerprint-sized ones. Some I like, some I don't. I have them checked by a dermatologist regularly - and believe me, when he told me last year that I had to have 10 removed there and then, it kind of put any of my concerns about appearance into perspective! Thankfully they were all fine, and I have to admit I'm a little self-conscious about the scars, but I don't let them stop me wearing anything. As halfbunny says we all have our little imperfections.

              I'm not sure that diet will have any impact on the number of moles you have, but one of the benefits of Primal is nice healthy skin - so maybe focus on that.


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                To be honest I'm not REALLY moley, my arms are normal, rest of me is normal, the ones that bother me the most are on my legs because it seems no one ever has them on their legs except me!

                I have three on my legs I'd do anything to get rid of. No, the doctor won't remove them- I can pay hundreds for laser treatment or private healthcare removal but I don't have that kind of money. :[

                Thanks for the advice all!


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                  I have used a product called "Wart/Mole Vanish" with great success. (I do not work for them!) I have lots of moles and my doctor wouldn't remove any if they weren't suspicious and paying out of pocket was going to be in the neighborhood of $75 EACH.

                  WMV is expensive but it works. It feels like it's stinging to the bone, but they turn black and fall off in a few days or week. One container (they are Tiny!) did about 20 of my moles. My husband had a big (dime size) mole on his leg and a pea sized one on his arm, and those took almost a whole container. The website says it doesn't leave scars but I have small, white mole shaped scars all over. I think I'm the only one who notices them, but I'd rather have white spots than brown ones because I'm so pale.

                  It seems that I grew more moles since removing them, but just knowing I have a pot of WMV sitting in the cabinet, just waiting to destroy them LOL makes me feel better.


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                    Namie, hate to say to come across as harsh but a few -and three disturbing- on your legs is not a ton at all! It bothers me that you say 'the rest of me is normal' while of course, you as a whole person are as normal or abnormal as anyone else.

                    But if its only three specific moles that are disturbing, please save some money and let one be removed by a private practitioner or your doctor, it shouldn't cost much! You can than re-evaluate if you still want the others to be removed - you get scars from it too, you know, and they are not always very pretty-.

                    Good luck.