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Any primal "country" people or "hicks" out there?

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  • Any primal "country" people or "hicks" out there?

    I'm a hick, and desperately want to go Primal. Part of the problem is disciplining myself and turning away from being a hick, and the other part is getting my family on board (since I eat what they give me). However, I was wondering if there are any country people on here who have gone primal and have any tips. I'm a camo and carhartt, tobacco spittin', boot wearing redneck; and want to know how people made the change to the barefoot movement, and everything else. My current career choice that I'm in school for, welding, it is 100% mandatory you wear boots and most even require steel toes. Is the switch to barefoot that big of a necessity? Along with that, any tips for switching and convincing my family to switch are much appreciated.

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    I don't have any tips for you, but I don't see any reason why you can't be primal and a hick all at the same time. Does one have to spit tobacco to be a hick, or can you still be a hick if you don't. And I'll bet that you can still be a hick if you wear steel-toed boots to work and go barefoot at home.
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      Hi Dedaw and welcome. While not a hick/redneck myself, I'm definitely a little bit country (Grew up in rural Kentucky) and known a lot of hicks/rednecks over the years (family, friends, neighbors, etc). Seriously... " I'm a camo and carhartt, tobacco spittin', boot wearing redneck;" describes 75% of the people I grew up with and see when I visit my parent's farm.

      I'm not sure I get your question entirely and part of me wonders if you're being fully serious or just kidding a bit. But regardless, I'll answer as best I can... The Barefoot thing is in no way necessary. It's a preference for some people that find it actually improved their foot health. I live in Chicago, but still try and go barefoot when able (at home, the park, beach, etc). But it's not mandatory for anything or to be "primal". But rather a personal preference that often comes highly recommended by many.

      For most primal starts with food and movement... transitioning to real food and using/working our bodies in a way that creates optimal functional health (which the barefoot aspect is just one component of).

      What is your food like? Activity? Are you endeavoring to transition to more primal eating? etc.
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        Haha yes, it was serious. I've seen tons and tons and tons of posts on here about being barefoot, so I was wondering how important that was. My goal is to move to a primal eating/training regimen.


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          The more and more I think about it, the hardest part is going to be quitting chew, even though that's the most important one. Going barefoot will be a much easier transition.


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            I'd think being a hick and a redneck would almost be an advantage - no one's going to question chowing down on a big hunk of fire cooked meat, mmmmmmm.....
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              Originally posted by Dedaw View Post
              Haha yes, it was serious. I've seen tons and tons and tons of posts on here about being barefoot, so I was wondering how important that was. My goal is to move to a primal eating/training regimen.
              Country girl here!
              The very first thing I do when I come in the house is kick my shoes off. I am so much more comfortable going barefoot and I am really good at opening doors with my feet.
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                I'm a country girl (definitely not a hick though ) and grateful for it. Living in a food bowl means I can source all the food I need, without worrying about where to find eggs, raw milk, grass raised meat etc. I also wear steelcaps at work I'm barefoot right now though.


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                  Camo wearing country here too ... and I have to say, I love my boots ... every single pair of them, from my camo huntin boots to my camo Fat Baby's to a full array of colors and styles. My last steel toe pair wore out some time ago though. Have to say ... I don't do the spitting. Heeheee
                  Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.


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                    Yep, redneck here, too. If you're dependent on your parents to feed you, it's gonna be an issue- you should really think to invest in your own food. Part of the problem around here is sourcing good food; a lot of food comes from grocery chains. You should already know some folks aorund you can buy fresh veggies from, though meat might be a bit harder. I know two local butchers, one that raise their own grass-fed cattle, and the other one... that you can buy meat from. Either way, the bigger problem is finding good offal, marrow, and other off-beat products. Somehow harder here than in bigger towns. Start off with more fish(sardines/herring/tuna) and look around for local butchers where you can.

                    Another thing to keep in mind is hunting- I know a few hunters who don't eat venison, and some who give away extra. If you hunt already, hunt more. Stock up on venison, turkey, or whatever local game you have access to; game is 100% primal. Make sure to get the parts most folk you're hunting with will throw away, like the innerds, hooves, and bone; not only does it up your overall stock of wild meat, but adds variety and each organ comes with unique list of nutrients you're missing out on in skeletal muscle. Besides, what's more redneck than eating fresh deer-heart right out in the field?


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                      "Camo, Carhartt, and Copenhagen" is country just like Abercrombie, Nike, and Macy's are city. I was raised in the country but don't identify with anything.


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                        The barefoot thing gets a lot of press because it bucks most folks' upbringing in this society. Growing up, my parents were cool with bare feet in general so I just never outgrew it (or got told otherwise) and now can't imagine having shoes and socks on more than necessary. But I know lots of folks for whom taking shoes off anytime before bedtime would be heretical or sacrilegious.

                        Dude, I don't think you really WANT to go welding without shoes, now do you?? I think that is a situation for which you should be grateful to HAVE shoes. So don't sweat the work thing. Just start to kick off the shoes off-duty. Since you asked for all our opinions, here is mine: going barefoot is good for you, so start doing it.

                        Just try not to be so hick that you neglect to trim the toenails... that will go a long way toward barefoot acceptance (as will washed feet after a long shift).

                        You can keep most of the country boy and still be Primal. But, yeah - the chaw has to go...
                        I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC


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                          Originally posted by wiltondeportes View Post
                          "Camo, Carhartt, and Copenhagen" is country just like Abercrombie, Nike, and Macy's are city. I was raised in the country but don't identify with anything.
                          Completely hit the nail on the head here, and I thank you for posting that. The more I think about it, the more correct you are. I've come to identify with being "country" and everything that comes with it, instead of being myself. I have to chew, have a big truck, wear boots, chew, etc. etc. to be country, when in reality I don't. /diary


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                            My wife's a country girl, and she's not primal at all, but she goes barefoot as often as I do. It's not hard to do. Plenty of barefoot type shoes out there now.


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                              I guess I'm a hick. I live very rural, get most of my food from local sources and hate being anywhere near a city. Come to think, I hate being anywhere near a small town too, just want hang here with my critters and the wilderness. Maybe hermit/hick would be more accurate.

                              I eat strictly Primal, get tons & TONS of exercise - hell, just about everything that needs lifing around here is a heavy thing. But I freakin' hate being barefoot. Always have. Sue me.