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  • Hiking shoe setup

    So, I been thinking of a footwear setup for hiking. Essentially, I was planning on getting some Vivobarefoot Ultras, and some waterproof socks (like this), with the appropriate socks underneath for the temperature. I think this will be very flexible, light and keep my feet reasonably dry. I also wouldn't really need to carry a pair of camp shoes since the ultras would dry off so easily.

    I have been using VFF komodos, which are pretty good in summer, but it's hard to stay warm in them in winter, especially since I can only find cotton toe socks.

    Has anyone used a setup like this, and how did it work?
    Are there any substitutions anyone would recommend?
    Has anyone tried ultras for hiking? What's the grip like?


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    I'd be concerend about the lack of tread on the ultras for winter hiking, maybe the trail shoe would give a better grip.

    I have used seal skinz waterproof socks for MTB through the winter in the UK including lots of sub zero snowy icey rides and never suffered from cold or wet tootsies, so I think you will be more than warm and dry enough.
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