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    Originally posted by cori93437 View Post
    I'd also like to point out that Gads has stated that he gets full and has problems eating the volume of starches that would be required to get him to the caloric level that he needs to maintain his weight...

    Being very thin, and growing, I think that this is relevant and that he should not be discouraged from seeking calorically as well as nutrient dense sources of food.
    Eating that amount of protein isn't going to hurt him.
    If he tries to replace half of it with foods that have less calories for the same volume, because he has trouble eating higher volumes, he may be faced with being unable to maintain his weight again.
    He's a growing kid, not a sedentary/moderately active adult.
    Yes, but I have been gaining weight now, and I think I'm at a a healthy weight and BF % now. (I read somewhere that teenagers are better off with 9-15% bf because they are growing, could be BS I don't know.) I'm at 10-12. And at no need to gain fat, only muscle . So I might try replacing some meat with other things, also better for my parents wallet.
    well then


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      Originally posted by Gilleh View Post
      Kinda OT but your comments are no longer irritating
      Looks like you passed the stage of freaking out and perfecting everything to teh point of obsession
      Good on you!
      Ha thanks!(:
      well then


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        Originally posted by Gilleh View Post
        Don't drink/eat heavily before you go to sleep. For me, that was the problem back then.
        I'm 48.. and I wake up to early and have to pee.. and I don't know.. but it really works for me.. I eat right before bed.. and not drink but a couple swallows after.. I can sleep way later than even when my alarm would go off.. which I do on weekends.. but during the week.. even, 10 potato chips before bed help me stay in bed till my alarm goes off.

        Don't know why.. but it really works for me.