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    Originally posted by Mogs View Post
    I will agree that there is definitely a line to be drawn when it comes to pricey cookware, though. Having a nice set of pots and pans is one thing, but shelling out major $$ for something that, in the end, can't make up for a good cook behind the wheel, isn't very practical.

    It almost seems strange for me to think it's something special when my husband cooks dinner; it's so common.

    The Japanese faculty at CSUMB are fantastic - so passionate about their jobs!
    Yeah, I mean there are things with pots and pans that make cooking difficult, I mean using old pans that have gone far past their life span, and have even started melting (my mom's pans) definitely are harder to cook with, but cooking in general, I believe, depends on how much hart they put into their meals. To me, cooking isn't just about preparing food for consumption. Their is a spiritual, sense to it. Putting one's soul into making something as easy as eggs, turns those eggs into the greatest meal ever. Furthermore, if someone cooks for the someone attempting just to see a smile on their face, I think that cook is what all cooks should think about. Idk, cooking in it self is special.

    And yes they really are. I remember I started Japanese at MPC and my 101b teacher was an absolutely horrid teacher. I'm happy with my decision to study Japanese instead of Anthropology.


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      Originally posted by wiltondeportes View Post
      Golly, I didn't know. Maybe food porn has made me feel inferior.
      personally, i don't compare my cooking to that. i'm really not interested in making every meal look like food porn. just have a few dishes that are simple, you can do well, and look tasty. date nights, you can whip something up and impress.
      my primal journal:


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        There's nothing sexier than a man who cooks.


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          Originally posted by wiltondeportes View Post
          What is the difference to a woman between a guy that can grill/bake/saute meats, bake potatoes, saute vegetables, poach whole meals and a guy that makes like gravy/wine sauced pot roast, fancy mashed sweet potato and bla bla bla and kale dishes, etc? Is the former still considered respectable?
          I dated a guy a few years ago (before I went Primal) that had money coming out of his butt. He kept taking me to really nice restaurants that were usually a couple of bills with no change back. It was cool a few times, but what started to really bug me was that constantly taking me there meant he had no clue who I really was. I'm a burger and a beer kind of girl, and while the fancy stuff is nice every once in a while, what I really wanted was basic stuff that tasted great.

          So my vote is for good roasts, burgers, soups, stews etc that I'm fairly familiar with and are done well.

          The fancy stuff is interesting, but not my personal favorite.

          The only other way to score food points with me is to remember the foods I can't eat so I don't have to tell you how good dinner was while I sit in a dark, quiet room, hoping the pain will someday go away.