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Staying paleo on unemployment

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    Just wanted to say sorry about your unemployment. I was there for 10 months, and it was really difficult financially and emotionally. The silver lining, though, is that you have much more time to spend cooking and exercising!! You can really only spend so many hours a day job-hunting.
    Perhaps you could volunteer some time at a farm or farmer's market, in exchange for food?
    Best of luck!


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      I am doing this on minimum funds as well, I frequently IF so the Kid can eat. I also hunt squirrels and pigeons and rabbits and woodchucks. I buy a lot of offal meats, go to a cheap local fruit market and get veggies that are almost too ripe. I add rice and Sweet potatoes to this for the kid and wife.

      I would be gardening as well, we grow our own spices but space for a garden is not available. I ride my bike rather than drive or take the bus if at all possible.

      Look up locally and see if there is any organised freegans in your area, they can help show you how to forage in an urban setting, It means a lot more work but it can be done.
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        Are there any food coops in your area? We have one and you can be a working member - 3-4 hours a week (depending on family size) gets you 24% off everything you buy there. And once a month they give a coupon for an extra 10% off your current discount. Sure, they sell 6$/lb tomatoes and 20$/lb steak but they also sell a lot of "conventional" fruits and vegetables for the same and sometimes less than the regular grocery chains. They also sell bulk spices, oils, vinegars, etc.

        Also, the ethnic grocery stores near me (usually Asian) sell lots of staples for a lot less - I just got back and got:
        onions - 49 cents/lb (vs upto 2$ at the local chain)
        jicama - 89 cents/lb (vs 2$)
        coconut milk (Aroy-D - the "good" kind) - 1.59 a can vs upto $3 a can
        2 big trimmed bunches of cilantro - 1.50 - vs 2$ each

        Again, worth checking out if they are in your area.

        Also, if you have the time not having a job call some local farms and ask if you volunteered some hourly labor if they trade you food (since you don't want any official "employment").

        Good luck.