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  • Geocaching

    Wondering if there are any fellow geocachers out there?

    It's such a fun outdoor activity to do My partner and I often find ourselves doing it for hours on the weekends. This weekend we spent over three hours finding three caches, climbing hills and digging through the parklands near our home.

    For those that have no idea what I'm talking about
    Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site

    It's basically treasure hunting!
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    We love it. Have the quick app on my iPhone and also take my garmin when I know we are hiking.

    Best find was a wind up clock traveling from LITHUANIA.
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      I've been toying with the idea of getting into it. It always sounded like fun!


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        I use the app as well, although sometimes I find it isn't so accurate. That sounds like a great find! I think I had the worst find on the weekend - a huge spider came crawling out of the cache. I am TERRIFIED of spiders!

        And Diana it's great fun! Although I have received some strange looks from people!
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          Yup, I thought it was a great idea a while back and then found MDA. Figured it would be a great way to move slowly. For anyone thinking about it, it can be great fun and sometimes a bit frustrating. Depending on local cachers and their hiding style you can get a pretty decent slow paced work out. squatting, duck walking( squat walking?), tree climbing, nice long hikes (ignore those Park and Grabs!) It's what I use to get outside and walk on the days that I just can't get up the will to move.