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"Feed a cold, starve a fever"

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  • "Feed a cold, starve a fever"

    any truth?

    Any tips for suffering through a really bad cold with congested cough and really bad sore throat?

    Dying for cough/throat lozenges or lemsip but everything that may sooth my throat or assist ride out the cold seems to be filled with sugar and crap. Even the cough medicine.


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    There are times when a bit of CW to help you rest is the key. For me sleep comes easy when I'm sick, if I have a sore throat, tons of water or something carbonated like sparkling water. If I get a bad upper respiratory thing, I'll sleep for almost 20 hours straight and it usually goes way.

    But that is me, if you need to take something to help you rest, then take it. Pre-primal, Nyquil did the trick for me.

    You need sleep, take what you need to get comfortable enough to sleep it off.
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      I'm not sure about the feed a cold and starve the flu thing. When I have a cold I still get hungry but with the flu the thought of food makes me even more sick.

      Just eat something very light if you are hungry. I had to resort to eating wild rice the last time I was sick. It was hard to eat because I didn't want food, but I still felt the pain of hunger.

      Edit: I just noticed that your post said fever instead of flu. I would still just eat if I was hungry, but not much.


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        Thanks Texasgrok I guess I should just do what I need and get through it....sleep.

        I agree Nicole thanks, I suppose it is hard to tell whether it is a cold or virus anyway.


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          Most throat remedies are full of sugar, try honey instead.

          Then scotch


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            Originally posted by katemary View Post
            I suppose it is hard to tell whether it is a cold or virus anyway.
            A cold is a type of virus...

            Manuka honey might help (either on its own or in hot water with lemon) and Vicks Vaporub or similar (externally, not to eat!) to ease congestion.

            Hope you feel better soon


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              Originally posted by Danielfire View Post
              Most throat remedies are full of sugar, try honey instead. Then scotch
              A hot toddy! Excellent idea! (cough, hack) I think a feel a bit of a cold coming on myself

              Found this recipe:

              2 ounces whiskey ( we use Jack Daniels) 1 tablespoon honey 4 ounces water ( hot from the tap) 1 teaspoon lemon juice ( we use the stuff in the plastic lemon) 1 slice fresh lemon ( if we don't have this we don't use it) (optional) Directions

              Place the whisky in a large microwave safe mug.

              Add the honey.

              Pour the hot water into the mug over the spoon you used for the honey to get off the last little drops.
              Add the lemon juice and stir well.
              Place the mug in the microwave for 1 minute or until it is piping hot, but not boiling.
              Add the lemon slice and serve.
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              Originally posted by texas.grok
              Facebook is to intelligence what a black hole is to light


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                Hot toddy!!

                Thanks for all the tips. and the toddy recipe...sounds delicious.

                Manuka honey is unreal...thanks for the thoughts too..

                and so is alcohol numbing a raw throat! You guys rock.


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                  Vitamin D3! Like from sunshine.

                  And whiskey of course
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                    I've been fighting off a cold - started with a sore throat caused by yelling at oldest then youngest wouldn't sleep so less than 4 hours kip finished me off. I ate like a man possesed, lots more fruit that normal, I even drank fruit juice. Eating lots works for me. I also have echinacea throat spray, that seems to help stop things getting bad. So far this is day 3, day one slight sore throat, day 2 - pretty crappy, today, much better. I clearly did something right
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                      I haven't had to use this remedy since going primal, but back in the day I used to dissolve baking soda in about a half cup of warm water and drink it immediately while still fizzy (tastes terrible). Additionally, I would gargle baking soda and water every few hours and spit it out. I feel like I avoided and treated many sore throats and colds this way.


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                        For a sore throat gargle with 1/2 a teaspoon of salt in a cup of water. Zinc gluconate lozenges like cold-eze also work for me. Everyone can use a bit of zinc, but they do contain a bit of corn syrup. They are nasty enough that I don't eat them like I used to eat candy.


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                          neti pot. if you're super congested it may take a few tries to get irrigated, but these things really work. most cw cold remedies "work" by drying out your sinuses and nasal passages. this causes a boomerang effect and most often extends the life of the cold.

                          if you don't have one, order one immediately. in the meantime, tent your head with a towel and spend a few minutes every couple of hours over a pan of boiling, steaming water. a couple drops of eucalyptus or lavender oil really helps in there.

                          blow the junk OUT of your nose. don't snorfle it back inside.


                          bone broth with ginger steeped in it. as much as you can tolerate. you need the fluids and the electrolytes.

                          sorry you feel like crap.

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                            The last cough I had I made a cough syrup. It really worked mostly to numb my throat and make it not tickle which is what was causing me to cough.

                            I don't have the exact recipe at hand (I found it on line somewhere) but I remember the ingredients

                            Fresh grated ginger
                            Cayenne pepper powder

                            It's quite spicy but I actually liked the flavor. I put it in a little squeeze bottle so I could just shoot it straight to the back of my mouth. Plus that way I could carry it in my pocket too.


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                              When fighting an infection your immune system needs plenty of medium-chain fatty acids in which to envelope the offending pathogens and eliminate them from your body. So eat more lard or coconut oil. Also, histamine promoting foods that stimulate the immune system, such as citrus, chilli and chicken fat, are a big help. +1 for honey too.

                              Also take plenty of rest - listen to your body.
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