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Awkward question about squatting and headaches (not for exercise)

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  • Awkward question about squatting and headaches (not for exercise)

    So, being a master woodsmith, I managed to build a sturdy plywood platform for my apartment's main crapper, upon "using" said platform a few times, I'm noticing a consistent problem.

    In the sitting position (a.k.a keepin it western) I never have any problems with strain usually, but when going "east" I notice that the squat evac combination makes my neck veins become noticeable dilated (not visually, just my own feeling) and the blood pressure spike directly in my brain.

    Afterwards, when all is done, there is no headache, but a kind of dull pressure in my head and sort of a "foggy" feeling from it.

    Now, because I watched "Six Feet Under" at a very impressionable age (I'm 24 now) Brain aneurysm/hemorrhages/stroke etc. are all things that scare the god-loving bee-Jesus out of me. I'm wondering if this is some kind of exertion thing that goes away with time, or if I really ought to get to a doctor. Obviously I don't take the advice of people on the internet above sound medical advice, but I would like a bit of perspective to at least keep me from worrying about it until I can get to a doc (I've not decided to go to the ER as of right now)

    I measured my blood pressure at the drugstore on my way to work, I'm doing great, supposedly, in that way. I'm young and all that, no issues I know of. I'm kind of fat (200 at 6 foot) so.. I don't know what else.

    so, thank you in advance for your replies before I come back and delete this thread out of shame.

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    1 are describing the Valsalva response: increased abdominal pressure against a closed glottis. (Straining while holding your breath)

    The squat position just increases the intra-abdominal pressure.

    Don't worry.... Usually aneurysms are silent until a full stroke. Brain tumors usually cause other symptoms----headaches are a late sign of mass in the brain.

    See your doc, of course---(this does not constitute medical advice)----but I wouldn't worry if the only time this happens is when you squat, or lift weights, etc.

    Some people get these symptoms when they orgasm, now THAT sucks.



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      Could this explain a migraine brought on during squats? The back of my neck started to throb and I had to stop immediately. I went home and spent the afternoon puking and in horrible pain...very unpleasant. I got a scan done nothing was wrong, but for two weeks the back of my neck was throbbing and causing headaches. Very unpleasant..


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        When going "east," are you relaxing when doing this, or, ehm, exerting some force?

        The sort of head pain and foggy effect you describe, I can experience during/following certain types of exercise, or if I just plain stand up too quickly (sudden decrease in blood going to my brain?). It usually remedies itself in a few moments/minutes; is that the case for you? In my case I've always chalked it up to my generally low BP (100/60 sometimes!), though I experience it less often since eating more protein (less often on the standing, but still there with exertion).

        Anyway, get checked out since it concerns you, just to put your mind at ease!


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          Look up "exertional migraine" and there's tons of info out there.

          There are things you can do about it, but the easiest and least invasive is to learn to release breath instead of hold it when straining or lifting.

          I must confess, a few years ago, I had to research this because for a few short months, I developed a sudden, throbbing migraine-like headache with orgasm. (blush) It was awful. As is common, the problem disappeared as inexplicably as it developed. It only came back once while I while lifting weights years later.

          As I said, there are remedies out there, but the first thing to do is try to avoid the Valsalva response if you can.