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Primal hostility and some other side effects of loosing weight

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  • Primal hostility and some other side effects of loosing weight

    When I corrected my diet and got more primal (drop the cereal, reduce sugar, welcome coconut and goodbye scum) my body changed a bit but other changes were more important for me -and I'm not talking only about cellulite melting down but less infection better recovery from liver complications, less fog, diminished gut problems (though I'm still so working on it). So friends followed -some of them under whip menace and I have long whips).
    One of my friends was slow to get on it, having bad times with pasta and bread, sweets and juices, but in time managed to loose weight and what's more important stay awake (he would sleep through dinners, and sometimes even all day, foggied and down). His brother -who was fighting long term depression and stress dissorders- was a lot more responding once he got into it. Maybe because he dropped e verything cold turkey -alcohol, grains, sugars, fruit, dairy and whatever processed food he was having previous to his challenge. He dropped something like 17 kg in less than three weeks, got lean and strong like magic -yeahy I hate him lol.
    Their friends, all of them overweight/seriously overweight/obese got into harassing them, bullying cereals into their eating patterns because "carbs are good for you and sweet potatoes are not good enough" and having a "reunion" just to express their concerns because of them becoming anorexic. Every time my friends get wheat or too much sugar they just go depressed, gut disturbed, puffy faced and uneasy but this company of them just say it is because they grew unacustomed to "real food" (like light coke, juices, pasta and pizza).
    Any of you ever dealt with things like this? My family goes my way when I make choices because they trust my judgement and see results, but this people even while touching with hand the benefits of staying clean is not only refractory but even hostile. This is causing stress to the guys so I'd like to know if someone has a better strategy than I do to deal with this situaltion.
    I told them to bring their own dinner (sweet potatoes wrapped in bacon and steak strips) so their friends would see they eat their carbs and are not calory/nutrients short by any means, but this only sent the craw up the wall because "fat is bad for your system". They insisted on them taking clinical tests (they have become blood donnors and doctors congratulated them because of their shiny perfect results) and baffled by the outcome pretend to force some other more invasive further testing (they are out of their minds if they think a doctor will perform muscle biopsy on a healthy guy just because they think it might confirm who knows what).

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    If your, or your friend's friends are not aligned with your goals, or at least don't try to keep you from achieving your goals, get new friends. I refuse to associate with people that try to force me into their way of thinking and living.
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      I think it is very fucking weird that "friends" have so much concern that they want you to take tests. All primal is doing is eliminating: processed foods which everyone knows are not good for you unless you are delusional, and 2. whole grains which millions of people can't tolerate anyway. The fat consumption is probably less then the average american that eats McDonalds and processed foods anyway.

      When I tell people I'm primal, I leave out the fat part and tell them how much whole grains bother my system.

      And why did your friend drop fruit? Eating fruit is primal.

      If I had a friend that was consistently an asshole about me eating meats, veggies, fruits and sweet potatoes while they ate pizza and coke I'd eliminate them from my pool of friends very quickly.
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        Give them a little primal hostility and tell those busybodies to mind their own business.
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          One of my friends has serious sugar downs, so he keeps his fruit intake very low. Sweet potatoes and some basmati rice are not a problem though so he gets his carbs from those when he feels like carbing up. He really looses weight fast if he doesn't get a huge calory intake, I guess his body is compensating years of inflamation and building muscle as fast as it can -his body changed so much and his mood improved in ways I can't even describe.
          The other one is building muscle, which he needs when working (he deals with children, adolescents and adults with development disturbances and as soon as he is good he is getting the more troubled/violent ones). He just falls sleep and foggy when he eats carbs, it's worse when those are from fruit or squash: that's not good when you work with a violent teenager who is big enough to stab you with a fork or seriously harm other kids.
          I never cared about what people thinks, it just surprises me how they would say aspartame is a safe food condiment while coconut oil is bad for your system, or teach me nutrition while eating white pizza with mayo and chips (bleah). I will eat my liver wrap as soon as I get hungry, but I really never get hungry so I guess it will be a long wait.

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            Sounds like you need new friends, dude.
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              I'd exclude the fact that I eliminated fruit from my diet when I talk to people.

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                Schadenfreude, a funny word, damage and joy. Every day there are videos posted, showing people getting hurt and getting damaged, often by their own fault.

                Studies show people enjoy the damage done to their friends even more than the damage done to strangers. I guess that is because it is better to see others failing and beeing happy that there is someone i know who is more miserable than me.

                And than some people lie in their own face. Ever heard someone saying how happy he is beeing fat? It is no problem at all for me, i accept myself the way i am.
                Seeing someone else having problems makes them happy too. It is better they feel worse so I can tell myself, i am good.
                Now someone making his way out of tha grave we dig for our whole life. Thats a bastard who simply can not succed. Not even ones best friend
                First if someone shines than me, cous afterall I am the mainact of this life, they shall not. And if they can change they endanger me, cous it only shows i could too.
                But if they fail, no need for me to face my own demons, no need to change.

                What stays is schadenfreude.


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                  These people are not friends

                  They are toxic aquaintances


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                    If your friends' friends are trying to drag them down, you need to point out to your friends what the hell their friends are eating. Ultimately, it's their choice, but I have a feeling if they've seen these improvements, they're gonna continue eating healthy. At best, they might need a little help staying strong for a little bit, but they'll eventually see those foods for what they are.


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                      If someone dared to tell me that the food I'm eating is unhealthy, I'd think they had lost it because it's a no brainer that organic meat and veg are healthier than pizza and chips.


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                        Originally posted by Artichoke View Post
                        If someone dared to tell me that the food I'm eating is unhealthy, I'd think they had lost it because it's a no brainer that organic meat and veg are healthier than pizza and chips.
                        Well, people never says anything about what I eat/cook because after ten years in a particular routine -due to end stage kidney D- they've learnt not to dare it. This gets me to avoid explaining grapefruit is bad for me most of the times
                        My friends on the other hand are well behaved nerds who want desperatly to get fit and avoid becoming the tipical itralian pizza/pasta/bread bloated guy who struggles to make it through the day without a serious ammount of coffee and refills -they are not all like that but then their group is a little worse than I described). They are slowly accpting the fact that change is not always welcomed by our "friends" and will have to decide how to deal with it, but for the look of it there's no way they're falling off the bandwagon right now.

                        It's amazing, people, how they behave; not unexpected but anyway surprising how far they would go to protect their ego.
                        I mean, a muscle biopsy? Are you kidding or what?
                        No limits, only my will and the worlds I build.


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                          I ignore it completely.

                          Honestly, I eat what I want to eat, how I want to eat, and not amount of "interventions" is going to change that.

                          When we went primal/paleo, a friend of mine was doing 'south beach phase one' which is primal/paleo. And she kept going on and on "but you need carbs! but you need carbs!" And it's like "dude, our diets are *the same!* and she's like "but mine is temporary! you can't do it forever!"

                          and I was like "yeah, ok." and let it drop.

                          two years later, I'm still doing my thing, and she does a "cleanse" once a year to loose weight, and then comes off of that with SB, and then goes back to "normal, healthy (CW) eating" and gains back the weight that she lost over several months of cleansing and dieting, and then does it again next year. In fact, she's in her *third* go-around now.

                          And she said to me "what is your secret? why is it that you never really gain any weight, you always look lean? you look great!" And I said "I dunno. I mostly just eat good food, sleep, and get decent exercise."

                          She's CW, exercise 2 hrs daily (gym) M-F, sleeps about 6-7 hrs. Then, when she's on her "cleanse/diet" phase, she's exercise 3 hrs daily M-F, cleanse/SB diet, sleep about the same.

                          Seems to me that she's over-exercising and under nourishing, but -- since she won't listen to me and I have no need to convert her to my ways, I simply let it go entirely. If she wants to know, she'll figure it out. Afterall, she's on my FB page, and I post MDA things occasionally.

                          My cousin just started paleo/primal -- it's helped a lot, but they still keep eating cheerios (the cereal, not the sausages for those of you here in NZ/Oz). *facepalm*. But, they're doing better overall, since that's pretty much the only grain they are getting.


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                            I've learned to say nothing, especially to my family (except my little bro who is very open to Primal). If I mention primal in front of my sister she gets really angry with me and tells me to shut the f*ck up. She is overweight, I'm not. She does weight watchers but always gives up and never seems to be able to shift the weight. I can understand her frustration so I just don't talk about it any more. I still see her bristle when I order a salad and ask for no bread but feck her, I can't be ar$ed explaining it to my family any more. When I go to their house I eat the food they give me cos if I don't it will cause an argument. I'm lucky in that my family have always been into cooking and they don't serve terribly bad food, just a lot of pasta, bread and rice that I try to avoid. Also here in Ireland all cattle and lamb are grass fed so I never have to worry about the standard of meat which is very reassuring.


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                              Yeah, some people are more adamant than others. Eventually, they'll wear themselves out; just ignore them and tell them it's ridiculous to ask for a muscle biopsy, and see what they have to say in another onth or two.

                              Zoe, those people seem almost more painful than the ones who try to tear down a diet. It's simply what needs to be done, but you just have to sit there and watch them spin their wheels, and hope they'll stop long enough to slip some cardboard under their tires.