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Primal hostility and some other side effects of loosing weight

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    I thought this thread, going by it's title, was about Primal people going all agro. But no, it seems the aggressors in question are carb lovin "friends".

    As a joke, I'd print up or hand write an index card & keep it in my back pocket, to whip out on such occassions when enquiring minds want to know about the contents of my plate...

    It'd say, "Grains & other excess carbs make me uncontrollably mean & grouchy. This meat on my plate is the only thing keeping me from losing it & going all Hannibal Lechter on your face."
    "Science is not belief but the will to find out." ~ Anonymous
    "Culture of the mind must be subservient to the heart." ~ Gandhi
    "The flogging will continue until morale improves." ~ Unknown


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      Zoebird I have the same here, people wondering how I deal with all the prednisone and heavy meds I need to take, I don't even try anymore but listening to people complaining about weight after they just had ate whole baskets of bred plus a pizza and dessert can be annoying.
      HazelPrimalNut irish meat is great, I get it whenever I can
      Betorq low carbers don't get sugar downs plus have less motive to complain about their body shape, people with sugar addiction on the other hand can go all to pieces by the sight of steak with veggies and no mashed potatoes -true story.

      Lately I found out after all the curse of kidney disease/dialysis and well, the blessing of having a new kidney after almost ten years has a sunny brilliant side: when I eat I always can resort to medical motives and people just shuts up.
      My friends are at home now, their parents are offended they've got thin without medical advice. Part of the problem is they have issues with weight and health but think it's all about age. CW sucks sometimes, big time.
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