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    Originally posted by Rasputina View Post
    I've actually had a bit of flack from the primal folks about trying to eat simpler meat and veg. Paleo folks are much more supportive, though. I think that some people will try to goad you into eating extra things that you don't need, because they need to justify, to themselves, why eating X,Y,Z is okay! Whatever anyone chooses to eat is their business
    Really? That's weird. Most of the time I eat pretty simply as well. Meat, eggs and veg, some dairy (that I can handle). I often have a smoothie for lunch mainly because I don't have to think about it (mostly strawberry). I do occasionally venture off into less simple stuff, like the pesto, fish, clam, tomato thing I posted in another thread, but mostly I'm way too busy with other things. Hobbies, as we've talked about before (learning new power-tools, YAHOO!) and my boyfriend and I are going to start taking Spanish classes soon. Like Paleobird mentioned, all the distractions also get in the way, not just of basic whole foods but also life in general. I sometimes get the feeling that some people sacrifice the play/personal fulfillment/enrichment aspect for some unattainable perfection.
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      Originally posted by Timthetaco View Post
      Me. It's actually kind of a pet peeve of mine that once people adopt the paleo diet they seem to transform into gourmet chefs. I'd feel like an ass at a paleo meetup, wondering where all the plain meat and potatoes are.
      I agree, I think it's great that there are creative people inventing paleo recipes, but it also puts off some of the newbies who are culinarily-challenged! I mostly eat simple quick meals like meat and cooked veg, or a big salad with some smoked fish or boiled eggs... stuff that really doesn't take any more time or effort than popping the cellophane on a microwave meal. I don't think there's anything wrong with nut butters and nut flours etc. if you enjoy baking stuff, but it's too elaborate for me!
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