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    I need some ideas for playing. DH and I are 35ish, two preschoolers. Kids get plenty pf play, but we're missing out. We don't go out much as we don't have a sitter, so stuff you can do at home would be good. Not, obviously board games.

    A few weeks ago a friend had us over for a chocolate tasting. We had cards to check off criteria and I thought it'd be super nerdy, but it ended up being very fun.

    Anything? I want to be silly with DH and go for a few minutes somewhere completely different than house, kids, the usual baggage....

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    Badminton or croquet?
    We have a dart board hung on a shed and have fun playing darts outside. Not too active, but still fun. We also play horseshoes sometimes.
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      I recommend climbing trees if you have any good ones


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        Croquet and dart are fun. Must organize a dart board!

        No trees, but a lake. Swimming just reminds us of all the yard projects we have to take care of....oh yes, and getting that dock...yikes.


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          I'm taking my 15 year old to TREEGO today! It's sorta like climbing trees with ziplines in between. The course takes about 3 hours to complete and is quite challenging in places. The other thing that we have around here that is outdour/play is Paintball. I've never tried it but I'm tempted... roaming around in the woods like Grok hunting down your "enemy" sounds pretty fun and primal to me!
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            Have a pillow fight. Or, outdoors, a water balloon fight. Play tag, or horseshoes (or a similar type game with bean bags if the kids are around.) Swing on the swing set and see how high you can go. Play badminton. Play catch (indoors with a nerf ball).