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Has anyone heard of Jesse Cannones system or muscle imbalance therapy?

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  • Has anyone heard of Jesse Cannones system or muscle imbalance therapy?

    Has anyone tried Jesse Cannones muscle imbalance therapy system? I was reading up on Esther Gokhales methods when I came across a video with Jesse Cannone talking about her book. He said it was good but some of her methods might not be specific enough for a lot of people. He has a book and dvd's of his own as well as a bunch of videos on his website where he claims that he can teach you how to find out which muscles you have out of balance and specific stretches/methods for bringing them back into balance.

    Of course my natural "fraud altert" goes off every time I see something like this but I read a bit of his book, and wow.. did it ever resonate with me. He talked about how he messed up his leg by walking/running on it improperly and how he learned that his muscles were out of balance after not getting help from conventional doctors.

    I went to see a physio therapist for the first time last week but it turned out to be pretty useless. First she had a problem with me using a stand up desk, then when I asked her about having more weight on one side of my body and she just said "Oh yeah"? and couldn't offer any information about it. Basically I got the same vague treatment ideas Ive gotten from every other doctor Ive seen in my life, Im now looking to try a different one but I doubt its going to help.

    Im thinking of buying his system online to give it a try since it has a money back garuntee ( I know those can be tricky to).

    So has anyone heard of or tried this system? Is this muscle imbalance stuff the same thing Ill find in Esther Gokhales book, I would have bought hers already but its not available as an ebook and there was one available at my library which I should be receiving in a day or two.