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  • Looking for the perfect sausage..

    I was wondering whether anyone had any recommendations for the perfect sausage.

    Is there a perfect proportion of meat to filler ? Is beef better than pork and what about lamb or turkey ?

    The sausages I used to eat were Hoad's Korkers from Kent and really tasty but they have too much carby filler in for my stomach now I've also tried Duchy Originals organic pork sausages from Waitrose.. 84% pork but again my stomach growled like a lion while tackling them and left me feeling slightly queasy. Doesn't matter whether they are grilled or fried in EV olive oil, lard, ghee, butter, dripping, duck fat or goose fat.

    I lurve eggs, bacon, sausages and mushrooms for breakfast. It's what Brits do best according to Napoleon.

    For me, giving up sausages would be like giving up barbecuing to an American or Aussie. So I need some pointers here please.

    Thank you.

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    Originally posted by Artichoke View Post
    It's what Brits do best according to Napoleon.
    The man was right about that one. Over-medium eggs with a custordy yolk -- perfect every time in the UK. Nobody in the States can do it. And the little toast racks are adorable. Of course, toast is, well, toast.


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      Depends on what you are reacting to? You can get gluten free sausages that use potato flour, I think Black Farmer (I'm sure I've got them from Co-op before) do them here. Other than that you could make your own, you need something to hold the fat in otherwise they get dry, I've found that blended up mushroom and onion works, mixed with minced pork, and maybe a bit of lard if it's lean mince. I've never put them in skins, just rolled them up and stuck 'em under the grill. Cheese and leek works well too, but you need lots more cheese and leek than you'd think. Don't ask for a recipe, I'm a bung it and see cook
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        I get mine from M&S. 93% pork, gluten free and the only starch is pea starch, I made my scotch eggs with them. They are about 1 carb each if you are interested. And 2 pks of 8 for 4.00 which is a bargain. I find they taste more 'sausage-y' than the Black Farmer but not sure about how organic they are. M&S do make an out door reared sausage which are 97% meat, not tried these yet.
        Hope that helps
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          Have you ever considered making your own? My friends and I made the most amazing pork breakfast sausages - it wasn't that hard and wow were they fantastic! And 100% primal
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            At my local farmer's market there's a vendor that has the most wonderful sugar-free basil beef sausage or also sugar-free chorizo. Sometimes they don't even bother to wrap it up in the skin thing and instead just sell 1 lb packages of the ground sasauge meat. Freakin' delicious.

            Edit: Should mention that the mixes for those two sausages are simply beef (basil beef) or pork (chorizo) and spices! No weat, no glutten, no corn, or any other filler!
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              I also buy sausage by the pound, loose, from a local store over here. I once asked them for the ingredients since my kiddos have food issues, and it was all pork and simple spice blend. I am sure that you could make your own. My Kitchen Aid mixer has a meat grinder attachment, so if you have one of these, you are almost there.

              I was going to nominate my Oma's Kartoffelwurst, but unfortunately that is such a local specialty, it isn't available more than 6 kilometers outside her village... in Germany. Which, by the way, has some seriously good sausage.
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                Well, being American, the whole idea of non animal fillers in sausage always strikes me as an oddity (though I suppose since euro sausage existed before ameri sausage ours are the oddity). My buddy makes venison sausage out of meat and offal scraps and about an equal proportion of fat - some with intestine casing (the deer's when he can manage it or he buys lamb) or no casing at all and then whatever herbs he needs depending on the type of flavoring he is going for.

                Probably my favorite sausages, however are plain pork sage sausage that Clyde makes down at Pink House Pigs - a local farm in Spotyslyvania, VA.

                Honestly, there is no inherent need to add sugar or flour to sausage (unless you're trying to recreate a specific type of sausage that calls for them).


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                  Originally posted by Artichoke View Post
                  I was wondering whether anyone had any recommendations for the perfect sausage.
                  ....that's what she said.


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                    We made some tasty blood sausage with beef blood, pork meat & fat, onions and not much else - Laws are like sausages…. Seven Trees Farm

                    We'll be making kielbasa and liver/offal wurst next.

                    Make your own! Science and food, what's not to like...
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                      Originally posted by Artichoke View Post
                      I was wondering whether anyone had any recommendations for the perfect sausage.
                      One of our local butchers does gluten free Lincolnshire sausages. I wonder if they use any carby filler?

                      As an aside, wife and I went to the Dales for our 40th in May. I had fried egg, bacon, sausage, black pudding, mushrooms & tomatoes for breakfast every morning. Yummy! And I lost weight.
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                        Harrogate 98% pork sausages made from pork, seasoning and sausage skins. They come in a plastic tray half-covered in a black cardboard sleeve with red writing (which specifically says gluten free). Tesco and ASDA do them for around 2.50 for six.

                        These are so good and taste so meaty that they utterly annihilate all other sausages. They're also superb cold in salads.

                        They are your answer.
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                          Originally posted by codered5 View Post
                          ....that's what she said.
                          I thought no one would ever say it.


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                            Guys, if yours looks like a sausage that's sad..

                            Thank you for the recommendations, I don't have a Marks & Spencer in my town but will be visiting one tomorrow. Not seen the Harrogate sausages in my local ASDA. There is a new one in the place I'm visiting tomorrow so I'll investigate there.

                            I live in a town so getting hold of stuff to make my own sausages is a bit difficult. I imagine they taste awesome though.

                            I presume that sausages came about because people wanted to use up all the animal bits they had left over as well as stale bread..


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                              Do you have any good local farm butchers?
                              Mine will make me up anything I want (as long as I let them know in advance)
                              current ones are Beef & Bacon sausage..No rusk etc added. nom nom!
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