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  • Almost ready to give up

    We have been primal for almost 3 months. I have been gluten free for 2 years and try to go dairy free. I have found out that I need cut more sugar out than I have (possible PCOS and the start of a couple cavities). I really struggle with finding foods I like and not feeling deprived. I still really want chocolate and carbs. I have been trying really hard to stay primal but the past week has been hard. I am sick of eating meat and feel like I have no variety in my diet. It been too hot to cook and things that I would eat my husband won't. I don't know how to cook for both of us because he won't touch anything with green leafy vegetables plus it has been really hot. Anybody have any suggestions for breaking the carb cravings, meal variety, and staying motivated? Plus it is discouraging that he is losing weight and I am gaining.

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    Oh good luck. My wife and I experienced (continue to) some of the same issues. When I have had struggles I generally eat as much fat as I can get. It makes me feel good and helps with carb cravings (as weird as that may sound). Usually I try for coconut oil, cocoa powder, a little honey or maple syrup, and shredded coconut mixed together and cooled down in the fridge or freezer to harden. I've also found that when I just need some carbs I eat sweet fruit like bananas, oranges, dates, etc. Not perfect (tons of sugar) but at least the sugar is coming with the other good in fruit. The internet is a great resource for finding primal/paleo meals out there. Do a quick search find something that looks interesting and have fun making it. If your husband doesn't want to eat the meal you've made he can make his own. My wife is not a big fat eater and will decline my really fatty meals and eat something else. Good luck!!
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      Originally posted by emtgirl729 View Post
      I really struggle with finding foods I like and not feeling deprived. I still really want chocolate
      I eat dark chocolate every day as part of my diet. My wife is fairly sympathetic and only does rice every other week or so. I do my own breakfast and lunch so get to eat what I like. Mushroom omelette for breakfast this morning, tinned mackerel in tomato sauce & salad type stuff for lunch and we're having liver, bacon and veg for dinner. After yoghurt and chocolate I'll have had under 1500 calories including cups of tea today. I count calories to make sure that I stay on target to consistently lose 1lb per week. It's worked perfectly since early March as I have dropped some 23lbs since then.

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        I would think if it's really hot out a nice crispy salad would hit the spot. I would also think that with an infinite array of fruits, nuts, vegetables and meats from all kinds of animals and all parts of their bodies would present me with quite a cornucopia of things to choose from. But then I've reached a point in my life where good health is better than instant gratification, and where I don't mistake variety for a never-ending conveyor belt of corporate-produced breads, pastas and other junk that all tastes the same.

        I, too, eat some dark chocolate every day.
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          Try dark chocolate - I used to be a major chocolate fiend and would only eat milk chocolate. I could eat a whole king size bar. Switched to dark chocolate and at 75% and up I am satisfied by a single square. Not too much sugar at that point either. After a while you will find the cravings do go away.

          As far as your husband, I would cook what you want most of the time, what he wants occassionally. If he doesn't like it, then he can figure out how to cook himself. He's a grown man, it's time he either start eating green vegetables or cook for himself. My 2yo eats romaine lettuce and loves brocolli.


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            I think it's time for you to introduce him to veggies that aren't typically thought of as veggies (but don't tell him they are)!

            If he likes spicy things (or did you mean temperature-wise?), then mustard greens are a winner because they have a spicy kick like wasabi (well, not quite that strong, but similar vein), and a similar nutrient content to spinach. Give 'em a try!

            By the way, I had carb cravings my first month or so too. I discovered that the cause was that I was not properly satiated. Upped my fat and bam. Carb cravings gone. It was simply my body screaming for more energy and at that point, all it was used to was carbs.

            Yerba mate has also been a godsend to me. It has blunted my hunger at strategic moments in the past when I have not had access to primal offerings, allowing me to IF until I can make it home or scope out some sort of a better option, ect.
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              Try green smoothies with frozen berries, lemon and spinach while it's hot. Also, shrimp and chilled cooked fish with fresh salsas are my huge foods when it's hot. I also eat a lot of pickled and fermented foods when it's hot (fresh pickled veggies, hot peppers, saurcraut....

              Cook for your husband whatever he wants.
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                Eat carbs. Sweet potatoes, dark chocolate. Go print out the list of approved foods. Eat those and don't worry about "carbs". Go troll the food blogs for recipes. I made some coconut crusted pork meatballs last night. Go buy some berries and enjoy them with coconut milk. Eat banana "ice cream" with some melted dark chocolate. Make the most of the foods on the "yes" list.

                It seems like the people that struggle the most are the ones that restrict themselves beyond the approved foods list for a long period of time. I *get* that peaches and sweet potatos slow weight loss for some of us, and that nuts can be easy to overeat, but the more variety you can figure out how to work with, the better off you will be.

                An austere diet of meat and greens probably gets boring really fast even if you stuff yourself with fat. There is nothing wrong with a fruit smoothie on a hot day when meat sounds like shit- not only is there nothing wrong- you get a whole new batch of vitamins and minerals. There is no need to give up chocolate- sure, learn how to limit it, but eat it.

                Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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                  Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
                  Eat carbs. Sweet potatoes, dark chocolate. Go print out the list of approved foods. Eat those and don't worry about "carbs".
                  And maybe some non-approved foods just for the heck of it. Primal isn't the only way, after all.
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