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Anyone else tired of hearing about the latest paleo frankenfoods?

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  • Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    mmmm, you can't post this and not post the recipe. That is unawesome.
    I second this sentiment! Homemade Mounds bars sound awesome, and I need to know how to make them! I like to have some options like this at my disposal for special events or when non-primal-eating guests visit.

    I do consider anything containing nut flour or more than a very small amount of sugar to be a rare treat. However something like pizza made with shredded-eggplant crust (Primal Palate's recipe) is to me a perfectly healthy dinner. What exactly can you argue with? It's veggies and meat, just combined in a creative way.


    • Originally posted by Betorq View Post
      I'm not concerned about those that know to soak and sprout and all that. I'm concerned about the "still naive beginners" who go overboard with the nuts b/c they're "allowed". I was one of those people. But I had to stop eating almonds when I noticed a direct correlation between eating them and sciatic pain.

      Everyone is their own experiment, that is for sure. But it's easy as a newbie to overconsume (I did it with the Primal Protein bars and had to stop making them - I'd eat the whole pan in one sitting). Just because it's primal doesn't we have an open invitation to eat as much of it as we want, and when we make mockups of food we used to eat when non-primal (for me it was protein bars) we tend to fall back on old habits and overconsume the primal versions. I can see people who venture into primal/paleo using these Paleo-version foods never breaking the cycles they need to break to reach their goals.

      Those that partake SOMETIMES, like for birthdays and what not, would be ok because they're not overconsuming. But those who replace white bread with Paleo-bread will likely overconsume the nutty goodness and entertain a whole host of other problems (i.e. weight gain from increased nut consumption), which could turn them off from the "real" Primal/Paleo concept because it caused the to gain weight (or increase inflammation, etc, etc, etc) because they took a less than ideal approach.

      However, I guess Mark did a blog on these very foods and said they're primal, but limit yourself. Is Psyllium Husk Primal or Paleo? | Mark's Daily Apple
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      • Originally posted by jenn26point2 View Post
        However, I guess Mark did a blog on these very foods and said they're primal, but limit yourself. Is Psyllium Husk Primal or Paleo? | Mark's Daily Apple
        Yeah that was interesting. I guess you could distinguish two primal tags: ingredient-wise, or 'in the spirit of.' But then, this isn't just a recipe blog. But then, I'm waiting on a loaf of coconut bread to come in the mail, so I'm just throwing out thoughts.

        And Richard on Free The Animal just baked some bread, too.


        • Originally posted by jenn26point2 View Post
          The problem I see is that there are marketers and manufacturers producing these foods so that people will convert to Paleo/Primal, but it's THEIR definition of Paleo/Primal,and Paleo really are, and technically they're still eating highly processed particles of whole real foods. Defeats the purpose.

          There's an old joke about the boss at the bottled water factory.

          Boss: We're designing the label for the water bottle, and we hear the going green is all the rage. What should we write on the bottle that's environmentally friendly?
          Underling: Uh, how about "don't buy me?"

          That's why marketers will never love primal. How can you package unpackaged food? In the adapted words of the immortal Yogi: If the folks don't want to buy our SAD food, we can't stop them.
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