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How to treat a pimple

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  • How to treat a pimple

    Hey, it happens. sometimes clean eating and water isn't enough to rid yourself of the occasional face mountain. What works for me: clean your face with a neutral face wash (no crazy zit-fighting wash), then apply tea-tree oil with a cotton-swap to the pimple. A mixture of diluted aspirin and warm-water may also be used. Apply this every night, you can use a dap of coconut oil or grapeseed oil in the morning, on the affected area, before you apply mineral makeup. Do not use liquid foundation or concealer. If you absolutely need to drain the pimple, then wait until it comes to a whitehead, and then press a very hot, wet wash loth to the pimple for several minutes, refreshing the hot water, until the pimple "pops". Then, immediately wash the whole are, and put a dab of neosporin or aloe on the popped area, DO NOT SPREAD!! It will take a day or so to scab over. it looks gross, but don't pick at the scab. Good luck!

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    If you have a tried and true remedy to share, please share it.