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    Awe... did you get a lil owie' on your wittle foot? You need to man the fuck up, tape that bitch up and commence with tabata sprints ASAP!

    In all my years of drinking I was lucky to avoid major trauma. There were some very close calls though. Good times.

    Get well...
    "The problem with quoting someone on the Internet is, you never know if it's legit" - Abraham Lincoln


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      Originally posted by Nady View Post
      If you haven't removed the flap of skin, you can always try a 'crazy glue' reattachment~ I've done enough of them on my hands~ (chef's knife, don't ask)
      Exactly why I own Kevlar gloves. I only have so many fingers.


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        A small quibble from an ex-cardio junkie...
        Anything slower than a 7 minute mile is jogging (not running). A nine minute mile is a full on plod.

        That said, yesterday while jogging in the park in my stinky Vibrams, I was passed by a very large person. That never woulda happened before, but now I don't care. I'm there to look at trees and move around without hurting myself.

        I've done the drunken run home from the pub several times. The best was during the winter. Between the booze and being wofully underdressed for -32C (uh...-25 F), it's amazing how fast you can run. The Downside: I was damned near sober by the time I got home.


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          Makes me want to avoid public pools forever!
          Don't let anybody tell you, "You can't" just because they can't.


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            Sorry for your injury but great story for us


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              Originally posted by Dr. Bork Bork View Post
              Get yourself some tea tree oil (melaleuca), it should help with the skin damage. I used it during my 2nd degree burn last month and it really helped on so many levels.
              Isn't that the truth!!!! Tea tree oil is a great gift from mother nature.

              I had a tick bite and a softball size horribly red area developed with tick bite in the middle.
              Middle of my shoulder blades so DH had to doctor it; just used cortisone at first, it even scared him,
              hurt like hell for a couple of days. (he had taken the tick off me and we think he didn't do it "right"' he felt real bad about it and was very concerned, telling me I needed to go to doc)

              I remembered I had some tea tree oil, diluted it down with some cucumber toner I had,
              within 8 hrs redness went away, a zillion tiny scabs it felt like came up but all soreness went away,
              couple of days later and it was gone and skin smooth gain.


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                Salt water is great for soaking to clean wounds.


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                  Since no one else is going to say it, I will...............dumb ass!


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                    I second the gangrene option. No softballing here!


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                      thanks you sons of bitches

                      update: i am doing well, thank you. today i was walking with regular form, but in the flippy floppers. will test barefoot in 3 more days. the skin, it is building and the flap looks poised to fall, maybe overnight.

                      i just want to thank all the well wishers and also all the playa hataz, ain't no thing, black.


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                        Running barefoot: primal

                        Running barefoot while drunk/high: erm...


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                          Dado... you're my hero. Silly. But heroic.
                          Live Clean, Love Hard. Or vice versa.

                          Female! Height: 5'10.5" HW: 161 SW: 135 CW: 124 GW: Whatever number my body wants to be when I'm eating and moving well - trying to get that muscle mass up.


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                            update: what did i say, 10 days? it's gotta be around 10 days now and i just took a walk/run to the bodega, barefoot.

                            the skin flaps fell off and now i am healed.

                            you know, at first, i thought it was the end of the world and that my foot would be cut off, but today, i see, this was no big deal.

                            the healing powers of the human system are amazing. i mean, one minute i'm gushing blood, skin is dangling, and the next minute i'm over here, walking barefoot.

                            so good to be back with the Good People.


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                              Originally posted by The Return of Dado View Post
                              i mean, one minute i'm gushing blood, skin is dangling, and the next minute i'm over here, walking barefoot.
                              That's one serious blackout.


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                                Originally posted by lily marie View Post
                                that's one serious blackout.