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I'm embarrassed by how much I eat compared to my boyfriend

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    Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
    Recently I brought home oxtails and pork belly.
    YUM! I like to cut pork belly into chops (In Dutch these are called speklapjes) and grill them. You have to stay with them because as the fat renders it flames up so you have to keep turning them, but OMG they're delish. And I love oxtail soup as well, or I throw them in the crockpot with a mess o' leeks, sometimes stew meat as well, maybe a little salt and pepper. This is one of my favorite winter dishes.

    Originally posted by mikebike View Post
    You'll probably not like this comment sbhikes, that said, you're boyfriend is a doush for making comments about the quantity of food you're eating.
    Not sure that I'd go so far as to say he's a douche, but I would guess some insecurity. Men who want 'dainty' women are either insecure in their masculinity or controlling. One of the things I love about my boyfriend is that he likes the fact that I'm *not* dainty. I mean, who wants to spend their life with someone who is so preoccupied with not messing their hair or nails or breaking a sweat? Have you ever noticed how dainty women never really laugh? I mean, a good ol' belly laugh? Who wants to be that woman? How much fun would that be? Funny, but just a few minutes ago said boyfriend came up and put his arms around me and I warned him that I was sweaty and covered in sawdust, to which he replied "I don't care." We were at a woodworking supply store earlier (I was looking at tools and wood) then stopped by Whole Foods afterward. I was lollygagging along and he joked "Great, now I not only have to wait while you shop at WF but Home Depot as well," grinning. You have to be yourself and he either signs up for the ride or doesn't.
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      Originally posted by Crabbcakes View Post
      Sandra - oh my goodness - did you just put me in that quote line thingy??!! I am almost tearing up! This is my very first forum experience ever, and now I get a quote line! Woooohoooooo!!

      My 13-year old is that way, too! When I went Primal and she got a good look at the food, this kid actually said "Mom! My kids are sooooo going to be Primal!!" She is my dairy-allergic celiac. She went through a lot of pain, malnourishment, tests, and stunted growth before we got the problem identified. After we went whole hog on getting the diet right, she grew between three and four inches per year, and ate us out of house and home. MEAT is SO her thing. She has never, ever been a can-eat-the-solid-fat-on-the-meat fan, but is generous with evoo, pork lard / bacon fat as a cooking fat, and especially drippings (with the roasty bits) from roasted birds, which we pour over everything at the table.

      Where did you get the t-shirt?? That would be SUCH a great gift - she would wear it proudly! She has one that shows this:
      "YES - I am homeschooled
      YES - I am socialized
      YES - I had class today!"
      and wears it right through crowds of mascot-wearing public-school kids at the Y - she is just that kind of person who isn't afraid to stand up to who she is.
      You're welcome. I always give credit where credit is due

      Oh yes, and the bacon. Mine literally vibrates if she smells bacon cooking. Its a bit of a letdown for her when I'm just roasting the veggies in the drippings. And once I started making my own salad dressing with balsamic and evoo, she switched over to that too. I haven't turned my family primal yet...they still eat bread and rice and pasta. But I've cleaned up the pantry, and they eat cleaner across the board. One change at a time

      The shirt is Old Navy but I bought it at a thrift store. Check out CafePress for all sorts of meat shirts!
      *My obligatory intro

      There are no cheat days. There are days when you eat primal and days you don't. As soon as you label a day a cheat day, you're on a diet. Don't be on a diet. ~~ Fernaldo



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        Oh my god check out the bacon stuff. Bacon Gifts, T-Shirts, & Clothing | Bacon Merchandise Bacon is the new Jesus. I love it!

        I just ate a quarter of a chicken the size of a whale. I feel great!
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          Originally posted by Uncephalized View Post
          It's much easier as a male to turn how much you eat into a contest or a bragging right, so no, can't say I've ever really felt that way.
          This. I can eat enough to feed my immediate family (two women and a jerk who is too immature to be called a man).
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            I'm starting to think if I lived alone I would naturally drift into some kind of fast/feast cycle. My huge dinner (we're talking full-sized plate heaped as high as it can go with at least a pound of chicken and heaps of vegetables with butter) felt satisfying but through the night I was burning up with heat and by morning I was still pretty full so I rode my bike to work without breakfast.

            It feels so good to eat big. And it feels good to not worry about the consequences. My appetite actually works. It turns off now when I don't need more food.

            A while back I attempted Fast 5 but it didn't work. I don't think such a short window would ever work for me, but I think I'd naturally be ready for an 8 hour eating window now. I guess something has shifted inside me maybe. I don't know. But it does seem the longer I go on this diet the more the little small changes just keep adding up.

            I guess part of my point of this thread was to acknowledge that I've healed enough that I don't have to think of myself as having a slow metabolism or possible thyroid issues or as being perimenopausal and somehow not capable of complete health and fitness. I guess I kind of also no longer believe entirely that it works different for us women and that we must calorie count. I honestly think calories do not matter if your body works right. That's not to say that your body working right = your body being culturally perfect to look at. But if your body works right it self-regulates.

            I know I'll never have the discipline to starve myself into what the culture says is perfect, but damn, my body works so well now I'm pretty darn happy to be a little chunky if it means I don't have to worry about satisfying my appetite when I'm hungry.
            Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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              *looks at sbhikes' before picture.*
              *looks at sbhikes' after picture.*

              What's he complaining about again? I think you just might have intimidated him
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              Originally Posted by TheFastCat: Less is more more or less

              And now I have an Etsy store: CattailsandCalendula