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Can a person eat too much grease

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    I've been adding lots of grease, then IF fasting if I'm just not hungry. This seems to be a major difference between Primal and, for instance, Loren Cordain's version of low carbbing --- in the past, at least, he liked lean meat and lots of fiber, and I don't do well on either.

    It takes a certain obstinacy and daring to eat as much side pork and coconut oil and fatty lamb as I can get myself around, but I'm starting to see small improvements in physique already from it, showing that I am finally moving in the right direction.

    I find if I am having a very fatty big meal, that a cup of coffee (in the middle of the day) or even decaf coffee (in the evening) along with it seems to help digestion.

    So strange, that eating so many ounces of saturated fat should turn out to be the most effective step to regain health and energy. Who would have thought it?

    I guess I've reached the end of the beginning for going Primal, after about three or four weeks of unsettled eating and overdosing on one food after another (CHEESE!) only to gradually phase it out as well.

    The changes are small, but I am beginning to see that they are real instead of just wishful thinking. I've lost podge from the tops of my lower arms, for instance, as I can see looking sideways at my wrists -- and I see definition in the veins and tendons on the insides of my wrists, and nice deep dents when I flex.

    Perhaps my middle doesn't stick out quite so far?

    For once, I didn't measure or take photos. I'm tired of turning everything into a documented science experiment. I just want to live in a way where weight, etc., will take care of itself, without my having to micro-manage it all -- and I think this is the way.


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      Drinking rendered fat can be a bit oily, but no such thing as too much drippings.

      The "Seven Deadly Sins"

      Grains (wheat/rice/oats etc) . . . . . Dairy (milk/yogurt/butter/cheese etc) . . . . . Nightshades (peppers/tomato/eggplant etc)
      Tubers (potato/arrowroot etc) . . . Modernly palatable (cashews/olives etc) . . . Refined foods (salt/sugars etc )
      Legumes (soy/beans/peas etc)