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  • Thirsty!!

    I have been following the PB for 3weeks now. I am 5'7 and 130lbs. i do the Grok work out (with exception to the pull ups, my husband is working on installing the bar) I try to fast walk for about 30 minutes every other night. I run after 5 children and that in itself is an incredile workout. I am also nursing our 6 month old. I drink 2 cups of coffee a day, and an glass of wine(red) 3-4 days a week. I have given up sugar and grains. I eat protein with almost every meal. I take a multivitamin and fish oil sub. I have not made the switch to grass fed protein yet. just found a vendor in the local farmers market that is only there on Saturdays. My eggs are 1:1 ratio with flax seed fed chickens.

    So in the begining (1st week) I felt great! I was going thru Carb/sugar withdrawl for around 4-5days. I lost 6 lbs in water weight. I felt much better I was feeling very puffy before. Feeling that I needed to and Omega 3 in my diet because of the grain fed meat, I started to take 2 Fish oil capsules a day. My typical daily meals are as follows.

    Breakfast- 2eggs overeasy cooked in coconut oil, or butter. big handful of baby spinach, couple dashes of hot sauce,and an avocado. some salt and pepper

    Lunch- A big Salad of baby spinach, whatever leftover protein from the night before, avocado, small handful of berries(blueberry, rasberry,or blackberries) some sprinkled salt and pepper. maybe some dried unsweetend coconut flakes.

    Dinner- either, chicken, steak,pork roast, , Mixed steam veggies or grilled, spagehtti squash, or a salad. (usually a combo of all veggies. i have a very hungry children )

    Snacks-primal power bars, few nuts, peach, bananna, handful of berries or cherries

    I drink a ton of water or coconut water. I am just so thirsty all the time. I know i am well hydrated because my skin feels amazing and the tightness I used to feel is gone. my lips are not dry. But my mouth feels like cotton.

    I am also sweating all the time. I feel like a furance. I used to cover up under 2 blankets at night, now I use nothing. Am I just finally burning away the fat? Maybe this is why I am so thirsty. I mean even at a stand still, which is rare, I am producing milk for the baby.

    Any thoughts? Is this the normal course for beginners?



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    I would guess it is the activity and the nursing, both good things If you can stand it you might want to cut back a little on the coffee and replace it with more water. Maybe add some melon as it is full of water and in season. I don't take vitamins currently, but when I do, I notice my thirst goes up. I'm not telling you to stop, just that is might be contributing to thirst. Also, it is hot outside, so drinking lots of water is a good idea anyway.
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      I was just thinking about this also!!! I'm very active, healthy weight,not nursing ha and I am constantly drinking. Carry water bottles all over,I only drink 1 cup of coffee daily,but I could literally drink all day long and still be thirsty.

      What gives?! Oh and I've been paleo for about a year and just completed a whole30.


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        I was wondering about the mulitvitamins. I am eating much better than I was. I think I will stop them for a week and see if this helps. It is hot here. I have watermelon in the fridge for the kids maybe, I will steal a slice and count this as my 20%


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          If I don't add unrefined real salt (as in Himalayan rock or crystal sea salt- NOT so-called Table salt which is a chemical- sodium chloride and usually sugar too- not a food) to my water, I am very thirsty from drinking the water. I am also nursing, and find that in the cold, dry climate where I live, I need at least 3.5 litres on a very sedentary day. If I didn't didn't add salt, it would be between 4 and 5 litres (used to be until I discovered this). During our short, hot summer (not yet arrived), I do drink 4-5 litres with salt.

          Also, adrenal fatigue causes thirst, and drinking excess water can flush out electrolytes causing further dehydration because the water cannot be held in the cells without electrolytes, so this is why I use salt in my water. I had severe adrenal exhaustion and for the past four years, I have followed a healing regimen of taking a tsp of salt with a 1/2 litre of water every morning before I do anything else, and sip my 3 litres of water all day. If I skip this (has been extremely rare), it took several days to get properly hydrated again. I salt everything to taste.

          If you are not sleeping through the night (I night-nurse an almost two-yr old), you have adrenal fatigue, almost certainly. With five children, it is more than likely. I have five also, and they are all home educating, so we are together all the time and I am alone most of that time while my man works two full-time jobs- one overnight and one during the days.

          Try taking salt in the morning for a week and see if there is an improvement.

          Also, watermelon is dehydrating.

          Sorry for the curt-seeming post... I am distracted by my five children!!! Lol.


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            Ok, I stopped the vitamins and that seemed to do it. I guess since I am eating better, I don't really need all the supplements. I think I may have been going overboard on the protein. I felt like I really needed it in the beginning, but the craving started to wean and I didn't pay attention.

            As far as the Adrenal Fatigue.. I am sure that I am. I could probably count the nights of unintrupted sleep in the last 7years on my fingers and toes. I was already looking into this before my first post.
            I tried the salt in the water.... I couldn't do it. I cannot believe that you can drink this without your stomache churning..I am in awe of you
            I have always salted my food to taste. I avoided the watermelon, but it looked it really good!

            No need to apologize for a "to the point" response. Any mother of 5 will understand and appreciate the right to the point comment! Wow Homeschool....really in awe now. I considered this for a minute, then quickly dismissed it I am sure some one wouldn't make it out alive

            Thanks for everyones comments.


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              If you've upped your exercise recently you'll find your sweat reflex will switch on more readily. Your body has gotten used to you being active so you will tend to break into a sweat at the slightest thing like climbing a flight of stairs. So you'll need to drink more than before, even on days when you don't work out.

              Many people also report feeling warmer while losing weight. Possibly because when you are leaner you get more brown fat cells which burn excess energy as heat.

              Healing will also use up more water as well as nutrients. If you ate SAD before you went Primal then you probably have some inflammation that is still healing, and pregnancy will also have depleted a lot of stored nutrients. I wouldn't recommend a multivitamin (I personally think they are a con), but you may benefit from supplementing some things like fish oil, vitamin D and magnesium; and/or upping your intake of the foods I would consider as the best superfoods for mums - such as liver, dark greens, fish, egg yolks, oh and sunlight!
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