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    "Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you."

    You deserve to feel joy.. Gradually get off everything except clean foods, filtered water, plenty of sunshine, exercise & sleep.

    Meditate, tell your GF all you've written here, it's obvious you want healing, and you'll get it by living a primal, drug free life.


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      Glad to hear you sat down with yourself and sorted out a plan of 'attack'. Sometimes that's enough to get things rolling and life takes it from there. Good luck!
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        Woman here.

        I agree that dealing with the physical stuff is paramount, and it can take a long time, so go easy on the negative self-talk.

        Anyway, since you've already received lots of great advice, I wanted to share what I can, which is that if you love your woman, and you really do, this book will change your perspective and possibly right the issues you two are having. It's called The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida. The Book Depot and Amazon sell it, and it's available online as well. It is a fantastic book. He also wrote Dear Lover, which is written for women. I have benefited immensely from both, and they certainly align with the primal/paleo lifestyle or mindset.

        David Deida writes about sexual polarity, and his insights are oftentimes very hard to accept because they are so opposite to what most people in North America learn about masculinity and femininity. But he's right on.

        All is not lost. Your attraction to one another is real, and can be pleasantly intensified for both of you, even while you work on other aspects of your healing. I have been married for ten years, and after a very painful decade, I found these books, and literally every complaint and desire I have ever had, is (in essence at least, and often quite literally) covered in this book. I HIGHLY recommend it.


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          I suggest getting yourself tested for Iodine Deficiency + Bromide/Fluoride Poisoning
          Hakala Research - Home

          We live in a sea of Halide Toxins that strip iodine out of our brain and from every cell in our body.
          Iodine deficiencies & dosages

          The brain is especially impacted with depression, ADD, Headaches, Brain Fog, memory problems, even mental retardation. The thyroid is also impacted and the thyroid controls all of our hormones.

          The epidemic of iodine deficiency:
          Iodine Deficiency - An Under-Recognized Epidemic

          For God's sake get off of the anti-depresants ASAP. They will further mess up your brain !

          For complete details & doctors reports, see Iodine References:

          Click on the table of contents to navigate.



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            wow --- what a lot of harsh advice you're getting!

            I think you should consider seeing a Psychologist. If you had emotions in your younger years, but not now, then there is something causing the block of emotions now. It could have something to do with the difficult childhood, or it could be simply an imbalance of neurotransmitters.

            If you love your girlfriend, and she loves you enough to stay with you and help you work this out - then don't let go of her.

            The Autism advice is dumb --- autism doesn't suddenly develope as an adult. Get some professional advice --- don't ask a bunch of strangers on a website what they think. Good luck..........
            1. Love ME no matter what noises are screaming at me, or who is trying to tear me down.
            2. Eat to heal
            3. Move to live
            4. Embrace today
            5. Live with intention
            6. Respect my body
            7. Cultivate joy
            8. Find my passion
            9. Meditate on peace in my soul


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              some more good advice. Thank you all. I did some research on autism and asperger and I also asked some of mu close friends if they think I could have it and they said definitely not. That this is a 'new' thing I have not always been emotionally numb.

              I like the idea of the book The was of the superior man. I think it would be really good for me because I am actually female. I did not want to point it out in my question as I didnt want my sexuality to come into question in the discussion as it is probably the one thing in my life I am most sure and comfortable about. But I like the idea of researching interactions between men and women and how they differ and work. I do think my 'brain' works more like males than females. Though I am also very happy with my gender I do enjoy reading mens health haha. and take pride in treating a woman well, opening doors and all that. I guess which is why I hate seeing my girlfriend upset and not being able to help.

              We have be speaking more and stuff is really good again. she admitted that she had been really over the top and will continue to stand by me.

              So now I am off to search Iodine deficiencies. and buy some supplements It would be wonderful if a lack of Iodine was all that is wrong with me!

              As for professional help.... well they just gave me anti depressants. and as for talking therapies. I have done that before, I went to Roman catholic school and when I came out I got sent the therapy for 3 years. It was good. We spoke about pretty much everything apart from my sexuality so I spoke about my childhood a lot. So I think I am ok with that.

              I honestly think my problem is chemical or physical not psychological. So something like Iodine could be the answer! I have also started taking Omega 3 supplements and am going outside more to get more sunshine.


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                Interesting. Because you related yourself to Dexter, I did not consider that you would be a female. I don't think that affects any of the advice given, regardless. I'm glad you found therapy helpful in the past, I assumed it may be something you had not talked to someone about, but I realize now that you were simply explaining the drug-use.

                Be careful, no matter what you try. Too much iodine could really mess up your thyroid. It could be a combination of a number of things in the end. I would suggest keeping a journal tracking how you feel from day to day as you try new things, and give everything a good few weeks try unless you are having any unpleasant adverse affects.
                Depression Lies


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                  Yes I do not think that any of the advise given is effected by my gender. Hence why I did not mention it before. and even though I am very happy as a female I think I aspire to more 'male roles' and certainly in my relationship with my partner I think he have a very stereotypical male-female relationship. ok I will be careful with the Iodine. But think it is worth a shot.

                  I will also buy the book The way of the superior man, sounds really interesting and like it could be a good read


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                    You probably aren't in touch with your emotions at all. I felt like that for a while, and it was depression. See a shrink, try some magic mushrooms (seriously), pick up meditating and Tai Chi.


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                      Your a girl and you like playing on climbing frames!!! Oh why are all the best ones gay *sighs*
                      You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................


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                        Read our latest testimonial:
                        I know I am chiming in on this post super late but I just want to thank everyone who has shared information here. Grizz, If I ever meet you in person I'm going to kiss you on the lips!

                        After reading everything and thinking about it I decided to give iodine a try. I have had fiber cystic breasts since I was about 11 years old and I can't even tell you how uncomfortable exercising, hugging and even bras have been my whole life. I too have had 4 different doctors tell me to cut off my breasts. (and I have even thought about it) Also they told me to get a hysterectomy as soon as I was done having children to deal with the uterine fibroids.

                        I have been taking iodine with the support supplements for just over a month. I dove right in and started with 1 drop. (now up to 4 drops) The pain in my breasts went away within 24 hours!!!! I literally did a little dance in the shower when I realized it. I still have some lumps but the smaller ones are gone. I also am getting a lot of relief from the fibroid pain.

                        Other things I have observed is my appetite is almost completely gone, my hands don't break out from the chemicals anymore, my fingernails are hard and growing for the first time in my life, I haven't even had one migraine since starting and I am happy and have so much energy. I have suffered from depression for so long that it is amazing to feel normal again.

                        So, again, thank you thank you!!
                        Thank you both! To me this is nothing short of a real miracle. Grizz, I have read everything in your file at least 5 times, I have sent it on to my mom and sister and I tell everyone in the salon who will listen. Thank you for putting it together. The information is life changing for me.

                        I know 11 is young... and I could have been spared 25 years of pain. I don't know if this is a common thing for girls with FB but I was that freak of nature kid who was as tall as the teacher at 9 and had a full-grown woman's body at 12. My breasts always hurt and always felt like bean bags. (and got worse over the years) I remember complaining about it when I was young and being told that it was normal for developing girls. People just thought I was complaining because I wasn't yet mature enough for the body I had. I didn't know it was FB untill I was 19 or 20 when I went in to get birth control for the first time. So I learned it was not normal but there was nothing anyone could do.

                        I never got as far as price with the doctors so I don't know what that would cost but I was told that they could do some nice reconstructive implants at the same time. (I'm sure that doubles the price) When I chose not to do it my last doctor wanted to get me on antidepressants to "help" me deal with it. I am sure doctors just don't know about iodine. I really feel that western medicine is great at cutting stitching and fixing broken bones. They fail when it comes to restoring health to people with chronic problems. They just want to cut it out or give you a pill to mask the symptoms. No one, it seems, asks the question of what is causing the problem. That is why I am so grateful for the information you have put out there.

                        I have two small victories to share. First, I went out yesterday to do a short run. About half way in there is a hill thats really steep that I use for my sprints. (maybe 150 yards long) I always run up but never down because of my chest and my uterus. Yesterday I flew down it with no pain at all and I was laughing so hard when I got to the bottom because I was so happy. Second, I woke up this morning and realized that I had slept on my stomach! Both of these are small things... to me, they represent the impossible.

                        Regaining your health both physical & mental is soooo easy. Just take iodine & required supplements:
                        Iodine Deficiency - An Under-Recognized Epidemic

                        PS) Iodine cured my prostate BPH problems. Tell your husbands/boyfriends. Iodine with required supplements CURES fibrocystic Breast Disease, PCOS, Cysts, Fibroids with a 150 year proven track record. The drug companies & the Medical Industry are trying to hide iodine's 150 year history of success. There is NO MONEY to be made selling iodine. Much more profitable to sell drugs, chemo, radiation, mammograms, operations. As we can see in the testimonial above, doctors are recommending mastectomies instead of iodine supplements. Ditto in my own neighborhood, women are being told to suffer with their Fibrocystic breasts or else CUT THEM OFF ! ! ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY ! Help us to put a stop this insanity against women.

                        Complete details in Iodine References:

                        Join with us at the Iodine Group:

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