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  • Just an update for posterity

    Nothing important here. I'm just placing this down to remind me to stick with the PB.

    I had a weekend with my family and sort of relaxed a bit, thinking I could fit it into the 80/20 ratio. Instead, I sort of gave up and figured I'd just get back to the program Monday. In retrospect, I do regret having eaten so terribly. I also paid for it physically; I feel bloated and easily gained at least 5 lbs with water retention and so forth. My whole family is comprised of apple-shaped carb junkies, so I know where I get it and I'm proud of the steps I've taken so far (though it's only been a month) to break it.

    So, at least it was a learning experience. I didn't even enjoy half the food I ate with them. Lesson learned.

    I think I am going to put my scale away for July and see what happens if I just track my progress by paying attention to my intake. The emphasis on weight loss has been frustrating.

    I also know that I'll probably have to give up dairy soon, but for the moment I am just going to dial it back. I primarily ate veggie lasagna (no noodles, of course) throughout the week after making a huge batch of it Monday. I think the lack of meat and healthy fat helped stall my progress. New week, new month, new motivation.

    Thanks for listening. Perhaps I should start a blog for moments like this instead of tracking it here in the forum.

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    Originally posted by The Return of Dado
    no one would read that blog
    Don't be mean to new members, Dado. It's not nice.

    surfinqssr, pay no mind to our resident grumpyface. Welcome. Congrats on your progress and your "learning experience". Maybe you should start a journal in the journal section of this forum. I find it is helpful to keep track of progress and to keep myself honest.


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      Did somebody say an update for POSTERIORITY?

      In all of the universe there is only one person with your exact charateristics. Just like there is only one person with everybody else's characteristics. Effectively, your uniqueness makes you pretty average.